Even Though The Defaults Are Safer Now, Your Router Is Still A Vector Of Possible Attacks

The beginning of the internet age saw people who had one computer in the house and those computers were connected directly into the phone line. In the upcoming years we saw a switch to people using fatter lines and using Cat 5 lines to connect to a router. And from there we saw the routers become wireless and now people had more than one computer. Now we see that there are all types of devices that can access the internet and they all need to be able to connect to the wireless router in your house.

Even Though The Defaults Are Safer Now, Your Router Is Still A Vector Of Possible Attacks

Now your wireless router has become one of the most important devices in your home. You are now using it to access the internet on your phone, your tablet devices, your laptop, and your desktop. So when you have something that is this important you must be sure that you are able to keep it safe. This means making sure that your router is safe from all incoming visitors.

Wireless routers have two ways of being attacked. The first way that they can be attacked is through someone coming in the front door and changing your settings. Each router manufacturer has a certain gateway IP address that they use for you to be able to access the administration settings. If you didn’t have this capability, you would not be able to set up the proper internet settings on your router. When you do go to set everything up, you have to remember to change the default password. Most routers will instruct you to do this the very first time you go to change your settings but some do not. If you do not change that password than anyone in the immediate vicinity will be able to look on the internet and get your password and change anything that they like on the router.

The other vector of attack is from online. Black hat hackers will try random IP addresses and see if they are any open ports available on them. If there are, they will mark that IP address down for a later attack. This is why you need to set up a firewall on your router. There is a chance that you have a firewall on your computer already. You need one on your router as well. This will protect your entire network.

Keeping your router safe is still very important. It is a good thing that the manufacturers have made it easier to accomplish this goal.

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