Even The Small Updates Are Important When It Comes To Your Mobile Phone

The ease of use of the modern day mobile phone has been a big boon to not only mobile phones themselves but to computing in general. Now you have the chance to have a mini computer in your pocket and you can get things done no matter where you are at. And while the smaller screens might be a pain to deal with, overall it is a good thing to be able to get things done on your mobile phone. But there are some things that you have to remember when you are dealing with your phone and one of the main points that you should remember is that you should remember is that you should always keep the operating system on your mobile phone updated.


Yes, the operating system on your mobile phone is very important. It is what keeps everything on your phone running smoothly. The operating system is what allows you to have extra features on your phone. But it is also the thing that can really hurt you if you are not careful. Your operating system needs to be updated when there are new releases out. If you do not update the phone then you should be prepare to face the consequences. And when we are talking about consequences we are mostly talking about on the security end.

Yes, a lot of the little updates you get with your phone are security updates. While each operating system update might not be the one that gives you new features they are doing it for a reason. They want you to be safe on your phone and until you update your phone you are not. The bad guys are finding little holes in your phones operating system all of the time. And you cannot blame the mobile companies alone for this problem because all software companies have this problem. When you are talking about a program that has millions of lines of code in it there are always going to be problems.

It always amazes me that people are always willing to update the apps that are on their phone more than they are willing to update the actual operating system of the phone. I can understand that when you update the operating system you cannot use your phone for an hour or two but it is worth it if you are able to stay safe while using the phone. While it is important that you keep the apps on your phone up to date, you need to do more than that as well. You need to keep the main operating system up to date as well. And people do not seem to do that unless they hear that it is a major release about to happen.

And this message does not pertain to any one particular phone either. It does not matter whether it is the IPhone or an Android based phone, it always seems like people are reluctant to update the operating system when it is a security update.

So if you have a phone you should really remember this message. And the next time you see an update message for your phone you should pay attention to it. The bad guys are trying to get into your phone just like they tried with your computer. It is the security updates that will be able to stop them.

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