Even In the Digital Age You Have To Worry About Mother Nature And The Effects She Can Have On Your Web Site

Sometimes life has a way of slapping you back down to reality. It happens to all of use at some point in time. We get too happy and too sure of ourselves and we think that all of the success that is happening to us is because of us completely. We tend to forget about the little bit of luck along the way and the other people who helped us out. No one wants to think that they did not have full control of their destiny so they rationalize all of those factors away. But the truth is while you are the biggest part of your success, there are other factors involved as well.


That means that you have to worry about the problems that you cannot see coming. It does not matter if you are a master strategist, there are just some things that you are not going to be able to see coming. And nothing is more unpredictable than Mother Nature. It seems like in this digital era that we seem to discount Mother Nature and the affects that it can have on us. Somehow we tend to think that our digital devices are untouchable when it comes to the simple matter of Mother Nature. But we should know that is not true. There is nothing that knocks us back more than Mother Nature when it comes to our digital devices. A simple matter of a tree being in the way of our bedroom can cause us to have to have really bad reception and make the phone unusable while in the house.

But if you run a business online, there is a bigger matter that you have to worry about when it comes to Mother Nature and how she affects digital matters. You have to worry about not only the security of your data, but the reliability of it as well. Just recently we have seen major parts of the internet go down because of a major thunderstorm that happened on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. This thunderstorm packed a lot more power than the usual thunderstorm and is considered the equivalent of an on the ground dry hurricane. It turns out since you do not get a warning when a storm like this hits, a lot of people were left unprepared. And that means a lot of tech companies in that area were left unprepared as well. Major companies who you would think would be better prepared for something like this to happen were left with their pants down and for everyone to see.

That’s right, major websites went down because of this storm. This includes web sites such as Netflix, PInterest, Instagram, and many others. And not to mention the web host that a lot of these websites were hosted on AWS which is ran by Amazon. AWS is a cloud like service and this is what it was supposed to prevent from happening. Instead it acted just like any other old regular web host.

With web sites going down like this just because of a major thunderstorm, it’s pretty easy to see how there could be major security complications involved. And not only security complications but just normal reliability. It’s true that you cannot expect a web site to be able to withstand anything, but you hope that they would be able to handle something like this a little bit better. “The cloud was taken down by the clouds“ was a popular phrase used on Twitter all that day.

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