Evan Trembley, The Not-So-Missing Boy

Why you shouldn’t believe every email that lands in your inbox.

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Fake missing child email circulates again – Evan Trembley is NOT missing.

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  1. Frustrated says:

    <My poor husband emailed this to me very upset. We like near Perkiomen area. I had a gut feeling about this and googled his name and found this. Unbelievable!!! I called hubbie and told him what I found so atleast he can relax. It it disgusting that a kid would do this even as a joke to his friends!! Some parents need to parent better and pay better attention to their kids. I hope the kid got some kind of something from the police.

    • You know that Kids are going to be kids. I am so sick of hearing people blame the parents, your so perfect eh frustrated? you watch your kids every move? I didn’t think so. I hate undereducated parents always blaming the kids parents. Guess what you dumb ass, the kid is 15, he will always be pulling stupid stunts.

  2. Guess what…friend just emailed me the hoax…were in Australia!! Dont worry I had a feeling it was a hoax and googled his name and hey presto!!…I replied to all with links to my finding!

    • Hi MAT

      I still can’t believe that this email is circulating again!

      My original post, linked to just under the video, was from almost a year ago.. I guess it goes to prove that after all this time people will still blindly forward emails without too much thought.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Am I alone in thinking Evan Trembley was foolish?

    • Nope, you certainly are not Kirsten.

    • Evan is foolish because his mother is an idiot. Did you hear this mother’s attitude in the interview? “You can flip both sides…you do get frustrated with the people that just assume something and pass on the information”. Screw you Ma Trembley. You’re blaming good people trying to help out by ‘assuming’ your bored, spoiled rotten, immature 15 year-old is exploiting good-natured people trying to help find a missing kid on the internet? Boo hoo Evan, bored on a summer afternoon Evan?! How about riding your skate board or cutting an elderly person’s lawn? Spoiled brat! If that were my kid that pulled that kind of prank…bah bye computer and internet access!

      • What really irks me is the fact that these kids find it amusing and their stories suck a lot of attention away from those poor kids who really are missing 🙁

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