EU Cybersecurity Budget Up 14% – Austerity Beats Conviction?

European budgets are quite newsworthy right now, at least here in the UK where our Prime Minister is attempting to keep them in check (bet you fail on that score Dave!). So does that mean that all areas of European spending should be capped or reduced or do some areas actually warrant a real terms increase in spending over the coming years?


I’m sure many of you will have differing ideas on that, depending on whether you work in the security industry or not. Certainly Rik Ferguson of Trend Micro feels strongly about the matter –

Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communication at TrendMicro, who called the 14 percent increase “paltry,” said that “the commercial security industry is already pooling resources with not-for-profit organizations, and government has made much of the risk from cybercrime. It’s time to make the commensurate investment.”

Certainly I think a 14% rise is nowhere near enough too but we do have to factor in the world’s economic situation.

At a time when spending is being drastically cut in many, many areas in the vast majority of countries in the world shouldn’t a 14% budget increase actually be seen as a very good result indeed rather than a lack of conviction on the part of the European Commission?

What do you think?

photo: YanniKouts

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