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If so, here are some of the best or most useful blog posts and articles I’ve read this week –

  1. SSL Issues: From Man-in-the-Middle Attacks to Foreign Hackers
  2. Facebook rollercoaster scam “now in amazing 3D”
  3. Limit Flash Exploit Exposure, Uninstall ActiveX Version
  4. Is Spam a form of Marketing/Advertising?
  5. DDoS hacker who left his wife for a fictitious online lover jailed for two years

And if you’ve missed any of my own posts this week then here they are again –

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  1. good reads Lee.
    rogueantispyware.blogspot – any idea why this was taken down.

    many of the bad apps in Facebook are now blockable – free dinners at olive garden/outback steakhouse, farmville scams. an some others now have blocks available, its a pita but it something that had to be done.

    • Apologies for not getting back to you sooner Dave – appalling internet connection. I’ve no idea why that site was taken down. Facebook is showing some signs of improvement in my opinion, albeit quite slow ones.

      • No problem Lee, seems to be a busy time everywhere.
        I always wonder when security sites go down like that whats up.
        Facebook has a long way to go yet, they took down 2 anti scam pages recently – they are now back up thankfully after a lot of hassle.

        • When I see security sites go down my first thought is “DDOS” but, then again, maybe I’m just a pessimist? 😀

          Not sure whats going on over at Facebook at the moment – I’m aware that many pages having been going down then coming back up again. Strange times.

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