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If so, here are some of the best or most useful blog posts and articles I’ve read this week –

  1. Apple to Tech Support Staff: Don’t Discuss Mac Malware
  2. Fake security software catches out Apple owners
  3. Is The Cynic Signal Broken? (check out the video at the end)
  4. Adobe Flash update puts users in charge of privacy
  5. Facebook, spammers are in ‘arms race’
  6. 10 Reasons to Protect Your Home Wireless Network

And if you’ve missed any of my posts this week then here they are again –

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  1. I think Apple shot itself in the foot, no tech support from them. I have warned Mac users for a long time they needed a AV program only to be told they didnt need it,, well guess what – you do – an its to late for some.

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