ESET Release Smart Security 6 And Antivirus 6

Regular readers will know that I actually reviewed early versions of ESET Smart Security 6 and Antivirus 6 back in August. Both programs looked like they had potential, albeit there was no obvious support for Windows 8 at the time.

That has now changed with the official release though with both products having received Windows 8 Certification.


The new programs have received enhancements in threat detection and offer a more thorough cleaning of infected systems. Additionally they offer new social media protection and anti-theft features. Whether or not the high CPU usage I detected in my own testing has been addressed is something I’ll have to check on…

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“ESET has always worked to be the fastest, most accurate, and complete antivirus solution available. With the release of Version 6, we believe we have delivered on that promise while improving usability, driving value for our customers, and making it possible for people to use and enjoy their technology with confidence. Cyber security is about more than just technology. It’s about helping people make good decisions.”
Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America

If you want to know more, check out my ESET Antivirus 6 and Smart Security 6 reviews.

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