ESET: Over 16,000 Facebook Credentials Swiped By PokerAgent Botnet

Interesting information here from security vendor ESET who have a report on a botnet known as PokerAgent (view .pdf here). The Trojan was identified last year and was designed to grab Facebook credentials including credit card information linked to Zynga Poker which is one of the most popular poker games online.


The botnet appears to be most active in Israel, leading some to suggest it could be part of some sort of cyber war against the country, and there are already some 800 infected computers out there. The attackers themselves have compiled a database containing over 16,000 sets of Facebook credentials.

Once PokerAgent finds its way onto a system those behind it can get it to log into Facebook accounts by using the stolen credentials. After that it will then acquire Zynga Poker stats as well as any saved payment methods associated with the Facebook account.

“We advise careful consideration before allowing a browser or other app to ‘remember’ passwords for sensitive services and before storing credit card details into any application (not only Facebook!).”
ESET advice

Have you been duped by this Trojan or do you know anyone who has who is outside of Israel?

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