Emergency Patch To Fix Internet Explorer Security Flaw

This is an update to my post about the security alert issued about Internet Explorer –

Microsoft have announced that a patch will be released today, probably around 6 p.m. (GMT).


The security flaw, which only seems to affect Internet Explorer 7 at this time, is believed to have affected some 10,000 websites so far.

Whilst the flaw only targets gaming passwords there is a perceived threat that trojans could be installed by criminals who are looking to profit from stealing people’s financial data.

The moral of this story is that all internet users should keep their browser, whichever brand it may be, fully updated and patched and should install any updates offered to them at the earliest available opportunity.

Update :

Get the Internet Explorer patch here (just make sure you choose the correct version for your browser).

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  1. I think its quite a concern how long it took MS to spot the flaw and then come up with a patch.

  2. Is ie8 a better option than ie7 or could that be effected too?

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