The Embarrassing Cheque Scam

Is this true, or merely a hoax??? The embarrassing check scam is, perhaps, more a myth than a reality.


Because no-one has ever come forward and admitted to being caught out with it.


Rumours of the embarrassing check scam circulated predominantly around Australia a few years ago and the scam was highlighted in the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in 1998. The way this check scam plays out is thus –

The victim, who is looking for material of an adult nature acquires such literature, videos, toys, etc from a company who offer to ship in plain packaging and operate their billing through a non descript company name, in order to avoid any embarrassing details appearing on bank statements, credit card bills, etc.

The only problem is that the company doesn’t actually have any product to send out.

They’ve taken the victim’s cash and delivered nothing, thereby making themselves liable to claims of theft.

However, before anyone could go to the extreme of calling them thieves they are going to do the decent thing and request a refund arn’t they?

Surprisingly, the adult company duly obliges, sending a check for the full amount back to the customer.

Therefore there is no wrongdoing and the scheme, whilst morally dubious, is perfectly legal.

So what does the scammer get out of this if he is refunding everyone for non delivery of goods?

Well….. Whilst the adult company may offer to ship and bill using indescript names they are not so careful when it comes to writing checks.

In fact they have a bank account with the most sexually explicit of names especially created for their refund check department!

How about explaining your bank statement to your partner?

Can you imagine the cashier’s face when you deposit the check at the bank?


Nor could anyone who has received these checks yet.

Hence the fact that this scam remains a myth and totally unproven… for now!

So, in reality, if indeed this scam is real, the perpertrator has a bank account full of cash to offset checks that will never be cashed.

Even if they are at some point in the future the scammer is earning a decent rate of interest I’m sure.

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  1. Ha ha, this is clever because they keep the money without getting into trouble. After all, there has been no crime committed.

  2. I would cash such a check as I wouldn’t want to lose my money but I can see why some people wouldn’t.

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