Egyptian Found Guilty Of Building World’s First Pyramid Scheme

After many years of trawling through historical records, scientists and archaeologists have finally found enough evidence to bring charges against the creator of the world’s first ever pyramid scheme.

The Egyptian pharoah, Djoser, stands accused of constructing the prototype for one of history’s longest-lasting scams.


Experts believe that he began work on the pyramid back in 2,700 B.C., aided and abetted by his grand vizier Imhotep.

Serving no useful purpose, Djoser’s pyramid scheme lasted for many years.

As pharoah, history notes that he himself profited greatly from the endeavours of those who built the structure into what it is today.

However, 99% of his workforce disappeared into history with nothing to show for their efforts.

Much of the success of Djoser’s pyramid scheme is attributed to his great friend and confidant Imhotep who achieved almost god-like status within the organisation after creating an innovative new method of working for the builders.

Imhotep organised the pyramid builders into separate downlines, each with a leader, followed by supervisors, then gang masters and finally workers.

This set-up was outstandingly successful as those at the top of the structure were given licence to use and abuse those at the bottom.

The leaders were able to rest and enjoy life, receiving many perks, whilst the humble worker at the bottom literally broke their backs in return for having their basic needs serviced.

In fact, this new corporate strategy was so successful that many businesses continue to employ it to this day.

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  1. And his punishment for building such a dastardly scheme?

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