Egg Labelling Scam Is No Yoke

Food officials in the West Midlands area of the UK are currently looking into a huge alleged egg labelling scam.

Following a raid at a West Midlands packaging firm, police and other officials are investigating the possibililty that up to ten lorries per week have been entering the country, full of mislabelled eggs.

It is thought that up to half a billion battery farmed eggs have been sold at much higher prices than they should have been, having been labelled as free range or premium instead.

Two men and a woman in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, remain in bail, having been arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Police are hoping to contact a man caught on CCTV, making deposits into a safety deposit box in Kensigton, London, in the hope that he can shed more light on this apparent scam.

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