Econsultancy Offer Up 10 Common Sense Data Security Tips

Data security and common sense often go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, many people I know who suffer at the hands of malware, hackers and all manner of other bad things on the internet are lacking in the latter.

Therefore a post from on 10 common sense data security tips was an interesting read for me and something well worth sharing.

Their tips are –

  • Don’t store sensitive data in plaintext.
  • Don’t store sensitive data unnecessarily.
  • Be mindful of permissions.
  • Filter input, escape output.
  • Use a firewall.
  • Manage users.
  • Use SSL where appropriate.
  • Look at your infrastructure.
  • Stay on top of security releases.
  • Treat security as an ongoing activity.

I’d highly recommend checking their page out for a far more detailed look at each of the above points – 10 Common Sense Data Security Tips

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