Ebay Hacker Caught

According to The Register, Vlad Constantin Duiculescu, aka Vladuz, has been arrested.

Vladuz has been chased by the online marketplace eBay for over a year.

eBay hacker caught

eBay hacker caught

The Register reports that Vladuz, who was caught in a sting operation, had been utilising eBay’s forums with stolen credentials.

Apparently, he had been posing as an eBay representative on the forums who claimed extensive access to the back end of the site, a claim which eBay have denied.

The Register cited Romanian news reports that Vladuz ended up being handcuffed after an attempt to sell a software application led to the police paying him a visit.

According to eBay, they believe that Vladuz caused around a million dollars worth of damages to the business.

Twenty year old Vladuz will now be detained for a period of 29 days, following which it will be interesting to see if his exploits finally cease.

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