Dumb Politicians Get Scammed

As many of you know, Nigeria has a certain reputation to live down to when it comes to the concept of scams.

With that in mind, I found it rather amusing to hear that dozens of Nigerian politicians have fallen foul of a scam themselves.

With Nigerian politics being considered highly corrupt there has recently been a drive to clean up and enhance that reputation.


(Enter the Scammer)

Dressed for the part and carrying “official” paperwork the official from the anti-graft agency that is examining corruption has a deal too good to be true.

For $xxxx he will give the politician the coveted agency “corruption free” certification.

With the scammer being savvy enough to only approach those who may feel the need to have some back-up to their claims of incorruptability, business is good!

Unfortunately for the politicians no such certificate exists and they have been well and truly scammed.

I guess the number of victims says a lot for how well the corruption in Nigeria has been dealt with so far!

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  1. Ha, what goes around comes around. Fools!

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