Drunk Driver Is Alcoholic Beverage Control Director

Welcome to the Sunday Quiz here at Security-FAQs.

Like last week, there will be 3 posts (this one and the next 2) which will all appear to be genuine news stories.

However none, one, two or even all three of the stories may be made up hoaxes.

All names and locations in the stories have been taken from recently reported news so as to confuse anyone using Google to try and find out which are genuine 😀

Can you guess which stories are true and which, if any, are hoaxes?


Drunk Driver Is Alcoholic Beverage Control Director

Chris Lilly, executive director of Kentucky’s Alcoholic Beverage Control, faces a drunken driving charge after being pulled over in his Ford Explorer.

Lilly was said to be driving erratically, and his vehicle was missing a headlight, according to police.

Police breathalysed Lilly who appeared to smell of alcohol.

During the test he was said to have lost his balance before recording a result of 0.181 which is above the legal limit of 0.08.

Lilly was subsequently arrested.

A spokesman for the Kentucky Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, which encompasses Alcoholic Beverage Control, said that Lilly has apologised and resigned with immediate effect.

Lilly, who posted bail of $1,000, will appear in court on October 18.


What do you think?

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  1. ***** This post was TRUE *****

    Thankyou to all who took part and failed miserably 😀

  2. True

  3. I can believe this one so Truth is what i sya.

  4. I’ll win! I am going to take a chance and say that you have made them ALL true this week. Am I right?

  5. Im not sure, I think Scam has put this in because it sounds like it should definately be true, hoping we will then say hoax because we know he is sneaky with these.

    So thats why I say TRUTH.

  6. Carla Hughes says:

    Dionne Collins that might be the point. Is made to sound true because it is not? I will say this is a HOAX too.

  7. Dionne Collins says:

    This sounds like the sort of thing that reporters love writing about so I guess true

  8. A wild guess-truth


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