Driving Data To Identity Thieves

UK Government agency in new identity theft fiasco.

It has emerged that personal details for more than 1,200 British motorists may have been sent to the wrong addresses by mistake.

This could, potentially, lead to an increase in car related fraud.


In the latest case of a government-related body sending out personal data, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) blame a handling error in their mailing department for the mix-up.

After the loss of two disks of child benefit information, containing confidential details disappeared last month, one wonders just how safe our personal information is in the UK right now.

The latest blunder led to names, addresses, dates of birth, details of driving offences and driving license information being sent to the wrong properties.

Copied people and cloned vehicles

Not only could this information be used in personal identity theft, but it could also be utilised in the copying or cloning of vehicle identities too, a crime that often leads to other offences as well.

A statement issued by the DVLA last night said. ‘During the course of a routine survey to update the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s records, a handling error occurred in our mail dispatch department’.

The DVLA spokesman then went on to say that the error had been spotted within 48 hours and that they had taken ‘immediate action’. (whatever that means)

If any British drivers have any concerns about their personal or driving related details then they can contact the DVLA directly by calling 0870 240 0009.

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