Don’t Want The Feds To Know What Topping You Have On Your Pizza? Use Bitcoins

Are you concerned that the Federal government already know too much about you?

Or perhaps you’re on a diet and you don’t want your wife to know about those secret pizza binges you enjoy every time she goes out with the mother in law?

If so, then a new service from may be just what you need in order to enjoy those stuffed crusts and double anchovies without having to worry about anyone knowing your dirty little secret.


Thanks to Riley Alexander and Matt Burkinshaw, the guys behind this new site, you now have a, presumably, completely untraceable way to order a Domino’s pizza. Not only that but you can pay for it with your Bitcoins so that may well reduce the use of the currency in terms of some of the more colourful purchases that some traders have found for it.

After ordering your Domino’s pizza through the site you will merely have to sit back for 35-80 minutes before receiving your delicious meal though you are unlikely to be able to track your delivery.

What it costs:
-We charge a 0.06BTC fee to all orders.
-We set our exchange rate APPROXIMATELY $0.50 Cents less then the current Mt.Gox Rate. The reason for this is that with rapid fluctuation of rates and occasional drops, we do not want to be left holding a worthless bag if the rate drops for some reason. We update prices on a daily basis to reflect this 50Cent rule.

If the service works well then it is likely that Pizza Hut and Papa Johns pizzas will also be available in the near future.

photo: Caitlinator

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