Don’t Just Pay Attention To Your Country When It Comes To Cyber Security

When humans think they usually tend to think local. That is just something about us that will always be true. No matter how much we try to help it, we always seem to go back to that type of thinking. But when you are thinking about a global technology like the internet you cannot afford to think locally only. This is especially true if you are running a business on the internet. It is also true when you are thinking about your cyber security.


Just recently when Apple received a piece of bad news about malware being spread that was attacking their computers, it was brought to their attention by a foreign company. The company was named Dr Web and it is a security company that is based out of Russia. Not many people in the United States had ever heard of the company before so they tended to dismiss the warning. When the data that Dr Web found was backed up by more well known security companies in the United States then the situation became more serious in most people’s eyes.

People in the United States did not think that a security company based in Russia could be trusted. Even when the security company had as good of a record like Dr Web had, trust was an issue. That is because Russia is more known in the United States for sending malware than it is for protecting against malware. But people have to realize that there is good and bad in every country. There are a lot of malware writers that live in the United States as well. What if people did not believe any of the security companies in the United States because of a few malcontents that live in their home country?

You have to go by the reputation of the country no matter where they are from. If Apple and the other people who criticized Dr Web had just taken two seconds and looked on the web then they would have known that Dr Web is a trustworthy company. But instead they did not and they simply jumped to conclusions.

Computer web security is a serious problem and a global one. If we are going to try to stomp out the problem it has to be a coordinated effort from people all around the world.

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