Don’t Forget That Skype Can Also Be Used As A Vector For Web Attacks

The ability to be able to communicate over the internet is one of the best uses for it. It allows a level of communication that we have never seen before. Now you are able to text, talk, and look at a person no matter where the two of you are located at. And you can do this at a very cheap price. One of the leaders when it comes to this kind of technology is Skype. I am sure most of you in the audience have heard of Skype if not have used it. It is a very popular piece of software and it is only getting bigger all of the time. And this is especially true these days since the recent purchase Microsoft. When you have one of the biggest software companies buying one of the biggest communication tools on the internet then you know that big things are going to happen.


But you have to remember that while Skype is a great communication tool, there is a lot that can go wrong with it as well. The Skype program has many features that come with it. And all of these features allow you to do many different things with the software. And since most of these features have something to do with communication with another person, that means you are at the mercy of that other person on whether or not you will be attacked. That is unless you are very careful with how you interact with people on Skype. In this article we will show you how you can use a program like Skype safely and securely to make sure that no one is able to take advantage of you on there.

First of all you have to make sure you are careful with whom you communicate with on the service. There are two main uses for Skype, the phone feature and the ability to be able to use the Instant Messaging. Instant Messaging can be a problem because just like other instant messaging clients people are allowed to send links over the system. And if you allow the public to be able to contact you and they are sending links out, you never know which ones are safe and which ones can cause you a real problem. So if you are careful with how you accept invites from the service then you should be okay when it comes to clicking on links. But even if the links are from someone you know you should still be careful and confirm with them that the links are safe.

Another danger that lies within Skype comes from the phone feature. This is more of an old school attack and less of something that is technology based. Since the price to call with Skype is so cheap there are people who use Skype to be able to communicate with strangers and try to pull them into scams. The scams are too numerous to recall them all here but it is something that happens all of the time. So if someone that you do not know tries to make a phone call to you on Skype then your best bet is to just ignore the call. That way you would have no way to get involve with the scam.

The Skype program is a very useful program for many reasons. There is a lot that it can do for you and it can also provide a lot of entertainment. But you still have to be careful when you are using it. There are attacks that can be done through it as well.

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