Don’t Burn Your Money On Quit Smoking Scams

For many people, myself included, giving up smoking is a goal that we really want to achieve.

Unfortunately, there are many con artists out there who are all too willing to offer their ‘help’.


Listed below are some quick tips on how to avoid “quit smoking” scams –

  • Some quit smoking programs offer hypnosis with along with a guarantee that you’ll quit smoking without gaining weight. I’ve never tried hypnosis myself but I know a few people who have and they say it works in some circumstances. The problem, however, is when the hypnotist claims a 100% success rate – thats probably overstated and you should be wary of such claims.
  • Have you seen those nicotine replacement patches? They may work, but some scam artists sell “stop smoking patches” which are nothing more than a sticker which has no medicinal value whatsoever. Such a patch may work as a placebo if you are lucky but, more likely, will not help you in any way at all.
  • Get yourself those vapes or portable vaporizers. If you haven’t noticed, vaping is the trend now and lot of ex-smokers find it really good because it’s not only a healthier alternative but it’s also a very good way to start on the path of kicking out the habit of smoking – Go to to see an example of a reliable vaporizer. Vaping is vapor, not a harmful smokes coming from combustion that have carcinogenic elements. Giving this a try should help you quit smoking gradually.
  • Lastly, there are “miracle cures” that come in the guise of pills and potions. Remember, if something says you can quit immediately and easily then its probably too good to be true.

I sincerely hope you give up smoking but please don’t throw your money away in the process and, if you fail to quit, watch out for the cheap cigarettes scam.

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