Doggy Identity Theft

Bad dog!

In a somewhat unusual way for identity theft to be committed, an 84 year old woman from New York was scammed for over $50,000 in fraudulent ATM and credit transactions.

It is alleged that the owner of a dog walking service, who had made friends with the victim through their daughter, had taken advantage of the relationship in order to live rent free in their home.

Additionally, it is said that they stole from the victim in order to support a lifestyle which also included the extensive use of casinos.

According to the North County Gazette:

“From May 2007 to August 2007, he used a Chase/VISA debit card in the victim’s name and allegedly stole $36,618 from the victim’s personal Chase bank account.

Prosecutors said Natale stole $14,660 from the victim’s Citibank account.

On 14 separate occasions, Natale allegedly either wrote himself checks using her Citibank checkbook or wrote checks to cash.

He allegedly forged and endorsed her name on all the checks and either cashed or deposited them into his own bank account.”

This identity thief violated the trust of a hospital, elderly client to pursue his criminal intent.

Luckily for the victim, the alleged identity thief was apprehended after the family members noticed a number of suspicious ATM withdrawals and contacted law enforcement.

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