Does Your Computer Pose A Security Risk Because It Comes From China?

The most powerful thing in the world right now is information.

In the past the thing that made a nation mighty was the size of its army and the devastation that the weapons at its disposal could cause.

Now that is no longer the case.

The ability to be able to get information from another country and also to be able to control their data stream is the thing that makes a country powerful these days.

This is why there are certain governments that are growing uneasy with using products in their government complex that was made on foreign shores.

do electronics from China pose a security risk?

There has been a move by the US government to move away from the electronic products that were made by China that are in use in government buildings.

There is a renewed fear of spying and espionage that is running through Washington DC right now.

Spies Amongst Us

When people talk about spies on foreign soil they usually talk about them in the past tense as if it is something that we do not see anymore.

Events over the past few weeks have proved that theory wrong.

There were a group of spies that were caught by the FBI that made the world feel like it was going back into the cold war era.

The United States and other countries around the world are now worried about the same spy games that are being played by countries like China which do not involve sending people over; its the electronics they export that are of concern as there is a fear that they may have back doors in them.

Unfounded Fear

To be fair, most of the paranoia surrounding Washington and the use of computers from China are not based in reality.

There has been no proof shown to the public that China is putting informational back doors into their computers.

This is just something that they think could happen in the future.

Also, America ships a lot of electronic products overseas as well.

There is a good chance that we could be doing the same thing and that is why we are so scared of the possibility of it happening to us!

Should You Worry?

Right now there is no proof that you should worry about any of this affecting your computer experience.

There are many people that analyze the computers and other components that come over here and they have found nothing worth noting.

Occasionally, some hardware is shipped that will have a virus pre-installed but that has been happening for years.

As far as any informational back door, that has not been seen yet.

Do not worry about the computer that you get, it pays for the government to be extra paranoid, and for you the risk is not that extreme.

Information is a very big deal in this day and age so governments are going to go through more and more precautions to make sure that it is protected from enemy invaders.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


  1. Ma Xiaojun says:

    I use Free and Open Source Software almost exclusively.
    This is a practical way of ensuring security I guess.

  2. Good article Lee,, actually i did briefly think about that when i realized that my new Dell was made in China,, so it was checked out before being hooked up to the internet, just in case. If one was added its really hid,,lol.


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