Does Your Company Have To Worry About Vigilante Cyber Groups?

While the tools that we use to protect our self when we surf the Internet are getting better and more easy to use, the bad guys are getting better as well.

They are getting smarter and with it a new wave of younger more organized bad guys are starting to show up as well.

These people are organizing and creating little gangs on the internet.

While in real life a gang member might show up and rob you of your money with a knife or gun, these guys use their keyboards to commit the crime.

But lately the cyber crimes have not just come from the normal criminals of the internet; they have come from a different source.

There are a lot of groups on the internet that believe strongly in something that are coming out of the woodwork as well.

And when they believe that a company or a person has been wronged they throw together a protest to stop it.

The only thing is that a lot of these cyber protests are against the law and can really harm someone’s business.

They are committing acts that can block someone else’s access to the web site.

In this article I will talk about whether your business susceptible to an attack of this kind and I will also talk about what you should do if it happens to you.

do you need to worry about cyber vigilantes?

do you need to worry about cyber vigilantes?

Are You In Control Of Your Cyber Situation?

These days most business have some sort of dealings with the Internet.

No matter if it is your customers making orders online or just your employees receiving business related emails.

If your people do have business online then you must make sure that you set some kind of policy for when they are representing your company.

Most of the time when a company is attacked by a group of cyber vigilantes it is usually a misunderstanding brought on by one of the employees of the company.

If a person is online and he is representing your business then you must give him a set of rules that he must abide by.

If they want to say something that is controversial then they must make it clear that they are representing themselves and not the company that they work for.

Thanks to the all of the social networks that are out there we have more connections to each other than ever before.

That means that when an employee sticks a foot in his mouth in an official capacity it can mean trouble for the business very quickly.

And If It Happens To You?

If something like this does happen to your company then you want to get out in front of it as quickly as possible.

When a business policy or an employee has offended a group of individuals then you must be ready to take responsibility and talk to the offended party about it.

While most of the time someone being offended by a policy of yours will not lead too much of anything on the internet, sometimes it will.

And when this happens your brand can be damaged for a long time.

This is especially troublesome if you are a small business.

They will try to hack your servers, send out DDOS attacks, and leave bad messages about you all over Google for people that are trying to look up your service to find.

This happened recently when an owner of a small independent magazine took the writings of someone else and posted it in journal.

The person who it was stolen from got offended and asks that the person please take it down.

The owner of the magazine dismissed her in a very rude way which then led the writer to talk about it online.

So many people were mad at the dismissive attitude of the owner that they eventually ran her out of business.

The mob on the internet can get ugly very quickly and if you are a small business then it is very hard to lift yourself back up from that.

If you have a business then make sure you to try to avoid getting the online masses upset with you.

You should make sure that you have a company internet policy and also be respectful to any complaints that come through.

If you do this then you will be able to avoid most of the online problems that can happen to you.

Also, in case something does happen, make sure that the security of your office network is squared away.

This way you make it less easy for a cyber protest to affect your business in a negative way.

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Lee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.


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