Does Your Android Based Phone Have Malware Inside Of It?

While the IPhone is the device that gets all of the glory, the actual smartphone that has a market lead is the Android. While some people say that is not a fair measurement because there are so many different types of Android phones out there, the fact of the matter is that the Android operating system is the number one operating system on a smartphone. And it does not look like that is going to change anytime soon. It looks like there is going to be more and more Android based phones on the market and people are going to start using them more often.


But while Android based phones are very popular there are some problems that have popped up from time to time. And we are talking about serious problems, not just something that you can forget about and not worry about anymore. One of the major issues that keep occurring is the amount of malware that is available to the phone. While the IPhone has some malware problems, the Android based phones on the market really have a problem with malware. And there are several reasons for that, the number one being how easy it is to install applications on the phone.

Unlike the IPhone, you can install applications however you would like on Android based phones. You do not have to wait until the application is available in the app store. You can go to the developer’s website and download the app if you would like. The only problem with this is that you have no moderation system when something like that happens. You do not know if you are truly downloading a legitimate app or if you are downloading something that haves malware in it. If you get the app from the app store then you know that there has been some moderation and that someone has checked over it. With an app in the wild you are just taking your chances that someone has not messed with it.

And the biggest problem with this is that you never know if the phone has a problem in it unless it is really obvious. Most malware these days are made to be hidden in the devices that they are in. They do not want the malware to tip off the user of the phone. But do not worry too much; there are ways for you to be able to tell if malware is on your phone even if you are not seeing it with your own eyes.

There is luckily a lot of tools and scanners for Android based phones that look for problems that are just like this. They will scan the files that are on your system and if they see anything that seems suspicious they will do something about it. There are a lot of tools like that available for the Android phones out on the market. Also you should be sure to look at the firewall software and many others that will allow you to keep your phone safe.

Overall, while you may not see with your own eyes there is a problem with your Android based phone, there are tools that will help you. You should really use one of these tools every now and then so you are sure that your phone is safe.

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