Does The Security Guy Within Your Organisation Know What They Are Doing?

When we think about security in all aspects of life, we know that there are several different levels of security that we think about. For example, if you own a house you can simply get a dog to make noise and attack strangers for your security. But if you want the next level in security then you will make a trip to the store and buy a home security system. It will allow you to seek out the burglars and automatically call the police when the system thinks that your house has been invaded. But what if that is not good enough? Then you go to the next level of security and you go buy a house in a gated community. And if that is not good enough then you hire professionals to guard your valuables night and day. So as you can see, there are several different levels when you are talking about security.

Does Your Security Guy With In With Your Organisation?

It is the same with computer security as well. When we are talking about computer security there are several different levels that you can go with. If you feel that the data that you are protecting is not important, then you can go with security that is basic and that will get the job done in 90% of the cases that you will deal with. A basic antivirus and firewall should do the trick. If you feel that the data on your servers is more important than that then you can hire an outside company to place a high level IDS system on your network. But if your data is of the upmost importance then you can do what a lot of big companies do and hire someone to be in charge of your network. While this is the more expensive option, it will allow you to sleep well knowing that someone is keeping both you and your customer’s data safe and sound.

But if you are going to have someone who is going to be in charge of your computer security system then you need to make sure that they are able to fight off the advanced attacks that might happen to your system. There are too many security people out there right now who claim that they are the top of their field but in reality they are really just a dog guarding the house. You need a professional who is going to be able to not only stop new attacks but be aware of them before they affect you.

Have someone who knows what they are doing

While there are plenty of computer security schools that are out there that people can go to, in reality for a person to be good, they need more than just a school. They need to have a passion for the subject. They need to think about computer security all of the time and also while at the same time having a good attitude towards other people.

While you need someone that is technically talented, the one thing that you do not need is someone who is going to bring the attitude of the office down. A person in the computer security field needs to know the ins and outs of a data packets but they also do not need to look down on anyone who doesn’t.

So as I said in the previous paragraphs, good attitude and technical proficiency is a good thing to have in the computer security field but the main point that you should have taken away is that the person needs to have passion. The computer security field is one that is always changing and a person who is going to be in the field needs to be able to keep up with the changes. If they do not then they will find themselves behind the black ball when an attack hits their system. If your computer security guy has to rely on the latest update from Norton to be able to do something when your system is being attacked then you have already hired the wrong person. Any field when it comes to dealing with computers, the participants need to be able to keep up with the technology. But when it comes to computer security it is even more important that the person is able to keep up with latest happenings in the field.

When you are looking at the different types of computer security out there, and if you feel that your data is important and you have the budget, then it is best to go with a real live computer security professional. But if you are going to go that route then you need to make sure that the person you are hiring really knows what they are doing. There are too many people who are going to quick computer security schools and are only learning the bare minimum of what they need to know.

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