Does The Apple IOS Sandbox Give Users A False Sense Of Security?

Even though we all like to feel as if we are secure in all aspects in our life, in reality we know that we are not. There is nothing worse than having a secure feeling when you are truly not. A false sense of security can lead you to become a victim quicker than just doing something silly online. If you are not looking out for the bad guys because you feel as if your system is secure then they will surely find you and prove to you that you are not.

There are several ways that people get a false sense of security when they use a computer. Sometimes they think that they are secure because of the antivirus running on their system. Yeah it leaves you secure but not 100%. Other times it is the computer that they are running. A lot of Apple product owners have gotten it into their heads that they can do whatever they want online because it will not affect them. They haven’t realized that the underground black hat hacker community has been aiming at Apple owners for awhile now.

This feeling of false security has gotten even worse with Apple’s introduction to the IOS sandbox model. Apple has brought the safe computing model of a sand box to their Apple computers. It was first seen in their IPhone and IPad products.

Overall the sand box model and especially Apple’s version will make your computer a lot safer. But it is not the ultimate model of security. You still have to worry about security problems even if the app that you are using is in the sand box. There have been plenty of reports of hackers being able to find their way around the Apple security sand box model. So just because you are using an app in that model does not guarantee that you are safe. It just makes you safer than you would normally be.

When you are on a computer, phone, or tablet that is connected to the internet then you must always be on the lookout for any kind of attack. It doesn’t matter how safe the companies advertising tells you that you are, every system has security flaws. Just make sure you are not on the wrong end of an attack because you were too confident about the security of your system.

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