Does Huge Fossilized Footprint Offer Proof Of Bigfoot?

Would you believe in Bigfoot if real evidence was made available?

Or would you remain skeptical, dismissing the story as a hoax?

The Herald-Citizen has published an story today that I imagine will pique the interest of Bigfoot fans when they get to hear about it.



Harold Jackson of Cookeville, Tennessee has, apparently, discovered a huge footprint whilst walking along his property near the Caney Fork River.

The extremely large left footprint has been embedded into a rock which Jackson was able to pick up and take away with him.

A further trip to the same location appears to have uncovered the matching right footprint.

With the footprint measuring some 15″ in length and 11″ wide whoever made it could be reckoned to be extremely tall, probably in excess of 8 foot in height.

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Is this evidence of an extremely tall human or has Jackson found concrete proof of Bigfoot‘s existence?

Alternatively, could it be another hoax?

What do you think?

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  1. James Moore says:

    The rocks around Center Hill belong to the Upper Ordovician, which in years is 430 million years ago, long, long before man appeared on the scene. At that time, the eastern US was under the ocean, where limestones are deposited.

    This fossil needs to be geologically examined to determine if it is actually in limestone. If it is as the picture looks, it seems to be made of plaster of paris.

    When I was a geologist with the Tennessee Division of Geology, we would occasionally get things that to the untrained eye appeared to be a fossil. I remember one gentleman that had a rock with roundish nodules, which he claimed were “cow bones.” They were in fact flint nodules from a formation known to commonly contain those nodules.

    I would be willing to examine the rock. If the owner wants to post a reply to this, perhaps we can arrange a meeting.

    change the at to you know what

    Jim Moore

    • My first impression when I saw that photo was that it was plaster of paris but is it perhaps just a cast he’s taken?

      • That photo is NOT the supposed footprint found in Tennessee!
        Google “bigfoot fossil footprint “harold jackson”” to see a video of the actual “footprint”.
        Why post a deceptive photo here?

        • I’m not trying to suggest that’s the real footprint, however, the one used in the original news article is probably copyrighted 😉

  2. This sounds puzzling to me as such a large footprint couldn’t possible be from a man, especially as fossilization takes thousands of years and no-one that tall would have existed then surely?

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