Does HitmanPro 3.6 Give Me As Many False Positives As Version 3 Did?

Review of: HitmanPro 3.6

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On March 25, 2012
Last modified:June 2, 2012


Hitman Pro 3.6 fixes the false positives issue I found in version 3 and now offers a viable "2nd opinion scan".

My Review Of HitmanPro 3.6

SurfRight have recently released an updated version of their antimalware program, HitmanPro. Does this new version (3.6) suffer with the false positives issue I found with version 3?

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  • Its free
  • Scans are very quick and don’t impact on computer usage
  • The false positives issues from the previous version seems to be gone

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System requirements[/box]

As Hitman Pro 3.6 is cloud based the system requirements are unlike other antivirus programs that you would install to your hard drive — you simply need to have one of the following versions of Windows installed:

  • 2000
  • 2003
  • 2008
  • XP
  • Vista
  • 7

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system are supported.
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Installation, first impression and resource usage[/box]

As I mentioned above, installing this program is not necessary.

You can run a free cloud based scan at any time and it can be run off of a CD, DVD, USB drive or over a network. It can also be used in conjunction with other security software that you may already have installed. After all, this program is designed to give you a second opinion.

As such, scans are very quick indeed (about 3 minutes for a full scan in my case) and the impact upon my computer resources was negligible.


If Hitman Pro doesn’t find any issues on your computer then you can continue to use it as a free scanner for ever more — you won’t need to buy a licence. If it does find malware then you can either activate a free 30 day licence in order to deal with it or find/use an alternative product in order to clean and then keep your PC secure.
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In my previous review of Hitman Pro the scanning was what let it down for me. Of course this is the whole reason for using the program in the first place.

So how does version 3.6 compare?


As with version 3, the scan was quick and thorough. Again, many tracking cookies were found and I have to say this program is probably the best solution I’ve come across for discovering those.

In terms of malware, there was one threat found.

Last time out, I was very dubious of Hitman Pro 3.6 because the threats it discovered looked like false positives to me. This time around it found only one of the five programs it flagged last time – incredimail_install.exe – and, whilst this seems to be legit, I am aware of other applications that question the validity of that particular file. Considering I had removed it in the past and not knowingly installed it again I’ll say that Hitman Pro has done a much better job of detection this time around.

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I must admit that I was somewhat reticent about looking at the latest version of Hitman Pro after the experiences I had with the previous version. The previous version flagged up a few programs which I used regularly and am pretty sure are not harmful in any way. The new version, however, doesn’t seem to suffer from that issue and so, now, it is a tool I would consider using.

After my previous experiences I wouldn’t want to rely upon Hitman Pro as my only line of defence but I would consider it in conjunction with another security program in order to give a second opinion. As this is exactly how the program is being marketed I would therefore conclude that it is worth you taking a look and deciding for yourself whether this is a good addition to your security arsenal.

Hitman Pro 3.6 fixes the false positives issue I found in version 3 and now offers a viable "2nd opinion scan".
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