DoD To Hackers: We Have Nukes

“SECDEF assign USSTRATCOM the task to ensure the availability of Nuclear C3 and the Triad delivery platforms in the face of a full-spectrum Tier VI attack – including cyber (supply chain, insiders, communications, etc.)”
DoD Report : Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat (pdf)


I’m sat here writing this on my home PC thinking how wonderful it is that I am almost completely safe due to having an internet security suite protecting me in addition to a healthy dose of common sense. One of the key components of the defences that program gives me is a firewall that is designed to keep attackers out. My firewall is pretty good and, arguably, mildly impressive.

The United States of America (who are already planning to boost their cybersecurity force by 500%), however, has a wayyyyy more impressive firewall — see the image above :O

Thats right, the US has nukes and, according to a report from the Department of Defense, they aren’t scared to use them. So, kiddies, delete that exploit kit now, switch the computer off and go and have your tea because, if you don’t….

And China – leave off Facebook and The New York Times or else you’re gonna get Nagasaki’d!

Seriously, read the report – its a good read about cyber security and cyber warfare but the use of the word “nuclear” is worryingly over the top – I think either the author has some inadequacies and needs to brag about the size of his arsenal or else someone was sponsoring his word placement – nuclear appears more than 100 times through the text!

Perhaps some British security pros could have a word?

photo: ctbto

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