Doctors Find Worm In Woman’s Brain

Earlier in the year IĀ  wrote about a hoax involving ants on the brain.

The thought of that is so bizarre that most people would have realised straight away that it wasn’t true.

However, as often happens, real life is stranger than fiction.

Rosemary Alvarez went to hospital thinking she might have a brain tumor but surgeons discovered something else…

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Dr Peter Nakaji believes that Mrs Alvarez probably acquired the worm through eating undercooked meat.

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  1. Hi Scam, I popped right over to post this story. Only you already have it posted! Here’s a link to the story I just finished reading. Gosh, you are fast-hahaha!!!

    BTW, kinda wish this was a hoax!!!!!!!!

    • Unfortunately I can’t take the credit.. I still have a couple of people who email things of note from time to time and this story was one of them.

      It must have been awful for the woman in question šŸ™

  2. As nasty as a worm sounds I am sure the lady in question was rather happy it wasnt a tumor.

  3. Yuck. There go my plans for lunch.

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