Do Your Everyday Electronic Devices Have Security Issues?

When you think about security issues, the first thing that you think about is your computer. In the past when a person would think about security issues their first thought would probably be the money in their bank account. Now that is no longer the case and they think about their computer first. They know that, for the most part, a bank is a pretty secure place to keep their money. This is especially true when you compare it to past bank experiences. This is because the money is secured by the government up to a certain amount. But now the computer is the main place where you have to worry about security issues that hit close to home.

Do Your Everyday Electronic Devices Have Security Issues?

But your computer is certainly not the only place where you have to worry about security issues. There are other places that you have to worry about them as well. These days we carry around with us a lot of electronic devices. This stuff is not like the electronic devices of the past. In the past we would carry around a calculator watch or a CD Walkman. No, now we carry around with us Tablet computers, IPhones and Android devices, and sometimes even mini USB devices. All of these devices have the capability of carrying around an exploit with them. Some of these devices do not even need to be plugged into a computer to be able to cause damage.

The people who create exploits these days are very smart. Not only that but they have elite equipment that they can use to create the exploit. Some of these bad guys are even sponsored by foreign governments. This means that they have all of the resources that they need to turn your tiny device into a weapon of small destruction.

When you are dealing with devices that are a USB device, they need to be plugged into your main computer to be able to do any damage. Once plugged in they will be able to then take any information off of your computer that they want. But devices like your mobile phone and your tablet do not need to be plugged into any computer. They are themselves like mini computers and they will send all of the information that is in your phone over to the bad guys.

In this day and age, you really have to be careful with all of the devices that you use. If you are not careful then you will find all of your information exposed to the world.

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  1. Very useful article but the problems we have that most electronic devices are hard to secure physically while they contain our entire useful information, backup + encryption can reduce the security troubles but the question remains is how often and how much people follow security best practices.

    • Well I guess the answer to your question Mourad is which type of ‘people’ we are talking about. I would guess the average guy in the street doesn’t follow many, if any, best security practices at all!

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