Do You Recognise The 5 Main Types Of Travel Scam?

Deceptive, mispriced or outright fraudulent travel deals and vacations are on the increase.

The scam artists behind them are becoming increasingly clever at hiding what they are up to.

This means that avoiding travel scams it is not a simple case of looking out for offers that are too good to be true.

Here, though, I have listed 5 common travel scams so that you are, at least, forewarned.



Potential travellers can be enticed with what appears, on the surface, to be extremely low prices.

Additional reading, however, can reveal a very different story in the fine print.

Just one example would be with the cost of flights – the amount quoted may be for a one-way flight and will therefore need to be doubled in order to calculate the cost of the round trip.


There are many perks involved with having a career as a travel agent, including free travel, commissions and discounts.

Maybe you could become one then?

It sounds like a cunning way to save money, maybe even earn some, and there are companies out there, multi level marketing and otherwise, that will offer you a travel position.

For a fee, they will offer to set you up in business, with all the required documentation.

Often, this is a total scam though. In order to be recognised as a legitimate travel agent you will need to be either affiliated with a travel agency or registered as an independent seller of travel.


Timeshare has earned itself a pretty bad reputation in recent years, and rightly so in many cases.

Whilst there are probably some genuine salesmen and great deals on offer, there are almost certainly a larger number of shady characters involved in this industry.

Horror stories about timeshare often centre on high pressure sales tactics at meetings with salesmen who will try anything to secure a deal. Typically, they will emphasise how a deal is only available there and then, in addition to showing bogus savings and dubious income potentials.


Discount travel clubs charge a membership fee for joining.

In return, they supposedly offer vacations at reduced prices.

As above though, you need to check the fine print to see what is actually available in return for an often quite high fee.

Also, note that it is certainly not unheard of for discount travel clubs to do deals with travel agents, thereby picking up fees from both sides of the deal.

In these cases, can they really be objective about finding their members the best deals or are they going to be swayed by the kickbacks they can acquire from choosing a travel agent’s picks?


Travel agents, operators and airlines can, and do, go bust.

Unless you are booking with a well known company then be sure to check them out, to see if they may be the type of company that takes the money and runs.

Also, it is always advisable to take travel insurance that offers cover for as wide a range of negative possibilities as you can afford.

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  1. I have been caught up in timeshare presentations more than once. What I hate is how they deceive you into going to a meeting and then don’t want you to leave until they have your money.

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