Do You Really Have 1 Messages From Twitter Administration?

Have you received the ‘You have 1 messages from Twitter Administration‏’ email today? Or perhaps you have had 2 messages which would make far more grammatical sense!

Do You Really Have 1 Messages From Twitter Administration?

Well I have, though I should point out that I didn’t see it straight away as Gmail filed it away in the Spam folder. Which may in fact be a rather good call as it happens. Most of the time, when you have an incoming email flagged as spam, it is wise not to even open it up. I, however, fear no techno messages and took the plunge.

At first glance, bar the obvious message attached by Gmail, the email looks like it may well have come from ‘Twitter Administration’ on account of the fact that it says just that at the top. It also has a link to click to receive the message that you have been sent which appears to be authentic:

twitter administration message

Looking at that message I could imagine some people may just blindly click on the message, thinking it really is from ‘The Twitter Administration’ but they may well get caught out if they do. Like Gmail says in the red bar at the top, “Warning: This message may not be from whom it claims to be. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.” And indeed that warning is worth heeding as mousing over the link suggests it goes somewhere other than Twitter!

As for what lies at the other end of that link, I didn’t try to find out but there are few possibilities – it could be some site that tries to sell you something, such as pharmaceuticals, or it could be a Twitter clone that attempts to trick you into revealing your login details. Or it could be a web site set up to infect your computer with some sort of malware.

Either way, it is a timely reminder to never click on links found in emails unless you are absolutely sure who sent them and that they are trustworthy and not using a compromised computer themselves.

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