Do You Need To Be Extra Safe When You Are On The Web? Then Think About Using A LiveCD

There are times where we really have to think about our safety when we are doing something on the web. There are a couple of scenarios where this is the case. For example, sometimes you might be visiting a website that you do not fully trust but you need the information off of there. You are going to need something to make sure that the infections that are on the site are not going to affect your computer. Or another example is that sometimes you need to visit a website and you must make sure that the session is secure. For example you are logging into your banking account and you do not completely trust the computer that you are on. What can you do to fix that? There is one shot that you have and that is to use a LiveCD to accomplish these goals.


What is a liveCD?

A LiveCD is a tool that allows you to boot into another operating system through the use of a CD or a DVD player. The operating system itself is installed on the CD and there are several advantages to this. One of the advantages that you have with something like this is that you are able to have another virtual computer at your fingertips. You do not have to buy another computer system and you do not have to try and dual boot your system by installing a second operating system. That can be really mess and is something that a lot of people would like to avoid. With a LiveCD all you have to do is to insert the CD and restart the computer. Now you have a safe computing environment that you can play around with.

And you really want this safe environment to play around with because now you are able to surf the web with confidence. First of all, you do not have to worry about a website doing a drive by download on your computer. When it comes to LiveCD’s you cannot install anything on it. You can use it but you have to use it as is. It will not allow you to install anything permanent on there. So that means you are safe if the bad guys try anything sneaky.

That is why it is a great method to check banking websites that you might use. This way you know that there is no one that is spying on you. Since no spy software can be installed you are completely safe and should have no problems at all. While there are LiveCD’s that come in all different operating system flavors, it is probably better that you make sure you stick to one that is Linux based. It is better supported, easy to use, and will make sure that you are not vulnerable to a lot of the Windows based attacks that are on the web.

But banking is not the only thing that you want to do with a LiveCD. Like we said earlier you can surf the web on any websites that you do not feel are safe to use on your regular computer. With a LiveCD it really does not matter and you can click on whatever you want. It is not going to harm your main system in anyway.

Overall, if you think that you need to be extra safe for any reason when using the internet, then look at using a LiveCD. It will help give you an extra buffer layer between your normal computer and the bad guys that live on the web.

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