Do You Know How To Recover From Identity Theft?

How do you repair your poor credit rating after becoming a victim of identity theft?

There are certain key steps that you need to take, not only to report what has happened, but also to ensure that your credit rating is not permanently damaged by what has happened.


In order to repair potential issues with bad credit in the event of identity theft you will have to notify a wide array of financial services and institutions, such as –

  • brokerages
  • banks
  • insurance firms
  • mortgage lenders
  • phone companies
  • utility providers
  • credit card companies
  • stores where cards are held


When you are attempting to repair bad credit you have a legal right to challenge any fraudulent activity you suspect and also to deny payment for any bogus entries on your credit report.

It is important to realise that the major credit bureaus do not automatically aid in making any changes that are required to repair bad credit.

Instead, the instance of identity theft and the resulting bad credit will be logged as part of your credit history unless you are persistent in getting your records amended.

As you can probably imagine, your chances of acquiring credit in the future are almost non-existent if you do not repair the damage to your credit record.

Not only may you be denied credit in the future but you may also find that all your existing loans may be called and become instantly repayable in full.


To repair the damage after becoming a victim of identity theft may take many months or even years of work.

You may well need to make many phone calls, write dozens of letters, and have to demand action in order to rectify the situation.

Therefore it may be prudent to research how to repair credit in advance and also to engage the services of a professional after the fact if you ever do become an identity theft victim so that you will be able to take the necessary steps as quickly as possible.

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