Do You Have To Add Numbers To Your Password To Make It Really Secure?

When it comes to the security of computers there are some rumors that get passed around as true and everyone just accepts it. That is the same thing that happens in real life. You are told one thing when you are a kid and all of the sudden it becomes a statement of fact that you carry around with you your whole life. That is until you go online and look up the information for yourself and find out that it isn’t true. Well we are all human beings and that is just one of the flaws of our nature.


But some of the “facts” that we know as truth but aren’t are not really false. Instead these “truths” are merely debatable and no one knows if they are right or not. As we all know there are a ton of things in this world where no one knows the exact truth or not. And the same thing happens in the computer world as well. While the people who usually work with computers are on average pretty smart, even they do not know everything. And so to some answers in the computer world there are debates on which is the right answer or not. This is especially true in the computer security world. There are always debates happening on which answer is the right one. While we have many examples that we can choose from right now we are going to focus on a simple one that seems to happen all of the time. And that debate is whether you have to add numbers to your password to make it truly secure.

For years now we have been shown what are the accepted good practices when it comes to making passwords for yourself. It does not matter whether it is your personal computer login screen or one of the many web pages that you log into during the day, you have to be sure that you create a secure enough password to protect it. If you do not create a password that is secure then it is just like you have not made a password at all. Any black hat hacker with just a little bit of computer skills will be able to bypass your information and get into your system. That is why you should really be careful when it comes to creating passwords.

Now the problem becomes what kind of password is good enough? The general idea is that you should have a password that is not found in the dictionary. That means you are going to have to mix and match different letters together that do not make any sense. Some people believe that you should mix in numbers to make the password harder to crack. Some people believe that the length of the password is good enough protection and that numbers in the password is not going to help that much.

The truth of the matter is that the numbers in the password will help but only by a marginal amount. While in the past adding numbers in the password would make a big difference, these days the computers that crack passwords are fast enough where adding numbers in there will not help that much. So if you want to add the numbers in your password but in reality you should worry more about the length of the password itself.

Having a strong password is very important when it comes to dealing with your online security.

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