Do The LulzSec Arrests Mean No More Problems For Web Based Businesses?

If you have a business online then there is a good chance that you pay attention to the many hacks that happen. Even if you just do business online and do not own any web sites then there is still probably a good chance that you pay attention to the news as well.

And there is one reason for that.

You do not want the same attacks to happen to you. Security vulnerabilities are very expensive and they can cost you both time and your customers trust if it happens to you. So you watch the news to see if there is anything else that you have to worry about in the cyber world.

hackers arrested

When you have watched the news in recent years a set of names that you have probably heard of when it comes to hacking is both LuLzSec and Anonymous. These two groups are known as hacking groups and they have a loose affiliation with one another. They both have a habit of seeking out targets that they do not agree with and causing problems for them. The problems can range from serious to just a little bit of mischief making.

Just recently there has been several big time arrests announced when it comes to these two groups. The arrests have been happening for the last couple of months but in the past few days a big announcement was made by the FBI. It turned out that one of the leaders of the hacking group LuLzSec has been working for the FBI for months. And with the information that they gained from him they were able to round up a bunch of the guys and arrest them.

So if you heard this news report then as a business owner you might have breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe you do not have to worry as much about your business being attacked. Well I hate to tell you but that is not true at all. You still have to worry about being attacked. While these groups were big they still were a relatively minor part of the hacking community. There are still a lot more black hat hackers out there that you have to worry about. Just because the FBI was able to stop one group does not mean there are no more waiting to take their place.

So even though this might sound like good news if you own a web site you should not let your guard down. It is still important to be as vigilant as ever.

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