Do Not Let The Employees At Your Office Make The Rules When You Are In Charge Of Computer Security

The people who get into computer security tend to have a very similar profile. They are people who like to keep to themselves and are usually more comfortable interacting with a computer than they are with other people. Of course that is not always the case and there are always major exceptions in every rule but this generally does seem to be the case. And so when you get people like this among the usual workers in an office building, they can tend to not want to speak up to defend certain policies that they might have when it comes to securing the network. They are more worried about the people in the office hating them than they are about being right and protecting people against the bad guys that are on the internet.


If you are someone whose job it is to secure the people that are in your office, you cannot worry about if they like your decisions or not. As long as you are making sane decisions to the best of your ability then that should be all that you worry about. You have to remember that the people who are arguing with you have no idea what goes into computer security. They have no idea what you are protecting them against. Yes, they have heard of hackers and what they do but they do not know what any of that means. They do not understand how serious of a problem it is. They just know that you are not allowing them to be able to get what they want and they are mad at you about it.

And part of that is your fault. While you will never be able to persuade everyone why your decisions are important, what you can do is try to do a better job explaining yourself. You can do several things to help solve that problem. You can gather everyone for a big meeting and explain to them why the cyber security demands at your office are the way that they are. Or you can create a memo for everyone to read and that will help explain the policies that you do have. You cannot expect people to just accept the policies that you have laid down without you telling them why it has to be done that way. You have to treat them as if they were adults and explain to them the reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

If the people are going to Facebook while they are at home and nothing happens to their home computer it is hard for them to comprehend why they can’t log into Facebook while they are at work. They do not understand that one slip up on a social media website like Facebook and the entire network at the office might be compromised. All it takes is for one person to click on the wrong link and that is all that she wrote. The entire network has become compromised and there are weeks of work that you now have to fix.

So if you want to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to your fellow co-workers then just explain to them what is going on when it comes to the decisions that you make in regards to security at the office. While not all of them will be able to understand, quite a few of them will.

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