Do Not Leave A Traceable Pattern When You Are On The Web

Are you someone who goes on the web a lot? Then there is a good chance that you have left some kind of pattern of some kind. It happens to all of us. Even in your offline life you will leave some kind of pattern for people to follow. For example, the way that you go to work every morning is a pattern that you leave. You most likely wake up at the same time everyday and then leave out the door at the same time as well. Or if you do not go to work and instead you go to school, you will still leave a pattern. Yes, even then you are leaving some kind of pattern for people to follow. And patterns like that both in real life and in the online world can be something that really come back to haunt you.


If you are someone who uses the web but do not understand how the web works exactly, you might be wondering how you can leave a pattern for someone else to follow you. But in reality, it is probably easier to track and follow someone on the web than it is in real life. First of all you have to deal with something that is called an IP address. An IP address is a group of numbers that is the address of your computer when it is on the internet. The IP address is issued to you by your internet provider. There are two types of IP addresses out there. One is called a dynamic IP address. That means that you get a new IP address almost every time you log in to your modem. The other IP address is called a static IP address. This means that your internet provider issues you the same IP address over and over again. It may change every few months. Whenever you go to a website, you are leaving your IP address at the site. So if you go to the wrong website then someone would be able to track you down. That is how people who download illegal files get caught. You can use a service like a proxy but even then you are still leaving an IP address, it is just at the proxy now.

While your IP address is the easier way to track you it is by far not the only way to track you. There are a lot of subtle clues that you leave about yourself on the internet all of the time. For example, your username that you use on the websites that you visit. Do you use the same username all of the time or change it up only slightly? Then that is another way that you can be tracked while on the web. Or the email address that you use while you are on the web. You do not even have to use the email address to sign up for a service. Even if you just use the email address while in conversation on the web it can be used to track you. Even the type of conversation that you have can be used to track you. While this method is a lot harder, if you are constantly talking about places that you live or anything unique about your location, then it does not matter what username you use, this can all be traced.

So the key is that you have to be careful when you are on the web. Even if you cannot see it yourself, the slightest thing that you do can be traced.

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