Do I Need An Antivirus Program If I Don’t Use Windows?

For a long time now Microsoft has been the biggest company around when it came to the tech world.

If you had a product that was ready to be shipped then you had to worry about whether it would become successful or not.

If it did then, arguably, there was a good chance that Microsoft would try to make their own version of the software.

The reason that they had this advantage was because their software was on 90% of the computers made back then.

Because of this, most of the attacks that you would see out in the wild would be attacks against Windows based computers.

This led to them getting a reputation as being insecure and it could be said that there were a lot of things about Windows that was insecure back then.

(You’ll be extremely pleased to hear that Windows 7 is very secure)

if it isn't Windows its secure. right....?

if it isn't Windows its secure. right....?

But now we are starting to see other platforms emerge.

Apple computers and laptops are growing in sales while their IPod and IPhone hardware has skyrocketed past anything most people would have imagined.

Also, you are starting to see more Linux based devices out in the wild as well; not really on the desktop where it is more popular than ever, but in other places like servers, embedded devices, and recently in smart phones.

For instance, the Android phones are based on Linux.

Since these other platforms are starting to gain a lot of attention, the one thing that we have been noticing is that the attacks on the devices have picked up as well.

Popularity Breeds Bad Guys

Because of the new found popularity of the devices I just mentioned, we are starting to see more and more attacks against them.

Have they all of a sudden stopped being as safe as they used to be?


The fact is, the more popular you are, the more time the bad guys are going to put in trying to crack you.

And given enough time, everything is able to be cracked.

Windows has had to deal with this problem for a long time and now it is their competitors’ turn.

Since the bad guys are starting to pay attention to the other platforms, do they need software to be able to defend themselves?

So Do Non-Windows Users Need Security Software Yet?

The answer is in some cases you might but it is not a huge concern yet.

It soon will be though, especially when it comes to the IPhone and IPad.

These are the two devices where the bad guys stand a chance to make some money through their attacks.

So while you might not need antivirus software now, I’m sure you will very soon in the future.

The attacks against these devices are still in the immature stage but they are being worked on all of the time.

If you want to stay ahead of the pack and make sure that you are secure then if the devices are offered antivirus protection, you might as well use it.

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