Do Firewalls Always Work?

There are many levels of protection when it comes to computer security. But there are only a few that everyday people will think of when asked about it. The first level of security that people will think of is the antivirus that is installed in their system. And that makes sense. As a computer owner the computer security program you deal with the most is the antivirus. It is always popping up and asking you questions or telling you that it needs to be updated. But after your antivirus program the number one program that you think of when it comes to computer security is your firewall.


The firewall is what helps you keep the bad guys out when it comes to your network. While your antivirus deals with the programs that make it to your system, your firewall deals with trying to not let them get that far in the first place. It also deals with trying to stop remote attackers from getting in your systems. And for the most part it does a really good job. But like any of the other computer security software that is out there it does not always work.

Black hat hackers spend a lot of time trying their best to get past your network security. That time includes looking at the ends and outs of the many different firewall software solutions that are out there. So no, your firewall is not going to always work. There are going to be attacks that will be able to get past it.

Since that is the case, you should try your best to make sure that you have a working solution if anything is able to get past your firewall. For example you should have the correct permissions installed no matter if you are dealing with a work network or your personal one at home. And you should also have an updated antivirus ready to go so that you are able to stop any infections that do make it to your computer without your interaction.

When we are talking about malware that targets the firewalls, we are not normally talking about the everyday bug. So most likely you would have to be targeted by the bad guy to be infected so making sure you prepare yourself properly is essential. The firewall is just your first line of defense and not your only one.

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  1. Everyone should be using a firewall today. While there are drawbacks to using one the rish are much greater.
    Its really to bad that one very good program is no longer available – Black Ice – to me it was the best available. Yes you may find it floating around out there but its not been updated in many years so today for the most part its useless.

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