Do A Google Search Every Few Months To Find Out What Others Can Learn About You

It is hard to remember a time without Google. In the past you would have to go to the library or buy books to be able to get the information that you need to finish a project. Now all you have to do is to go to Google and look up the information for yourself. It is a great time to be in school because all of the information that you will ever need is sitting at the tip of your fingers. While you will still need experience points in anything that you end up doing, it is great to be able to go to Google and get any kind of reference material that you might need.


But you have to remember that Google has a tendency to store everything. All information is the same to them and they are not very selective when it comes to the information that they offer users. There is some information that is considered highly illegal that they will not show but for the most part they make sure that they offer a wide range of experience when it comes to be able to find any information that you might need. While there are other search engines that are trying to compete with Google none have been able to come close to the experience that Google is able to offer people.

Not all of the information that Google offers is innocent. And some of the information that Google offers may be able to harm you. Google indexes other websites around the web including some of the websites that you might have visited at some point. If you left information about yourself on one of these websites then there is a good chance that Google might have indexed that information and it is available to the public. If someone was able to type in the right search they would be able to access that information. And this could lead to some kind of attack on you later on down the line. You never know what black hat hackers are going to use to be able to pull off one of their schemes. But if they are looking to pick a target and get information about that target you can bet that Google is going to be used in that process.

But it is not just personal information in a Google search that can be used in an attack by a black hat hacker. If you have a system that is online, it can offer the wrong information to Google as well. Let’s take a web server for example. There is some information about that server that Google can pick up while they are doing their web scans. That information is then indexed and is available for everyone to see. There is information such as what type of server you are using, the software that is installed on the server and other information of that type. And that information can later be picked up and used by black hat hackers to be able to attack the server. There are ways to turn that information off but most server admins do not even bother.

This is why you should check out Google every few months to see what information that they have about you cached in their index. Find out the information before the bad guys are able to do it. And then if you see anything that you do not like you will be able to try to do something ahead of time to fix the problem.

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