Did You Know That Virus Writers Use Online Antivirus Scanners?

No matter what side of the law you are on, most hackers that are either black hat or white hat use the same set of tools.

This is true in most cases.

The only difference is that if you are a white hat hacker, most of the time your tools are funded by the organization that you work for.

This will give you a big advantage in the operation and support that come with those set of tools.

A person that is on the other side of the law has to find the money to fund their tools by stealing it.

If they do not steal the money, they will crack the software itself, so that they can use the tool.

Now as more people start to enter the criminal side of computer hacking, they are bringing traditional work ethics to that side of life.

They have people in the community that are creating tools and frameworks, that allow them be able to perform attacks more easily.

Virus Writers Use Online Antivirus Scanners

(Hows that for irony?)

One of these new tools are scanning services that do not report back to the AV companies.

This is  not a new idea.

For the past several years there have been companies that allow you to upload a file online and test it against multiple security company’s antivirus products.

Once the file was scanned against all of the security products on the server, they would then allow you to download a report to see the status of the file.

This would save the average person the trouble of going through the using of multiple scanners on a file themselves.

Having multiple online scanners go over a file gives you a bigger sense of security.

You would think that a product such as this would be easy to exploit by virus writers.

The chance to see if the virus that you wrote would be able to sneak past undetected on someones machine, is too hard to pass up.

Not so fast.

The problem with these services for the criminal is that if they got a positive hit on a file, they would then report the signature of that file to all of the virus companies that they deal with.

This means that as soon as you test the virus, the security companies would be alerted to the problem before you got a chance to use it.

Some entrepreneurs in the criminal world came up with an ideal to prevent this.

Privacy Is Everything

There are a couple of web sites that allow you to upload the file for a fee and scan it against all of the major antivirus vendors.

The catch of these web sites is that they do not report that information back to the security vendor.

This allows a virus writer to check their software and not leave any trace.

Both of these sites also make the guarantee that they do not keep your files after you have uploaded them.

Still, services such as these are hard to trust, even for other people in the criminal community.

Everyday, the online criminal communities are getting more organized.

In the way that they create the software, to the way that they distribute it, everything has been ramped up a step.

Professional security researchers will have to make sure that are always improving their techniques as well.

In most cases, even though their tools are well funded, they are already one step behind.

If they fall off the pace any more it could be disastrous for everybody.

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