Did You Know That The IPhone Retains Cached Keyboard Data For Up To 12 Months?

One of the most popular devices on the market right now is the Apple IPhone.

This phone has been so popular that it is almost considered part of a cultural revolution.

The release of the new IPhone 4 has broken all kinds of sales records and people seem to love it but even though the phone is very popular there are a few issues with it.

One of the issues that you might have with the new IPhone 4 is the now famous antennae issue.

The issue is when you hold the phone a certain way you are not able to pick up a signal.

The other issue comes from the screen and there being yellow spots on it.

But now there is a new problem out there and that is a security issue.

It has been learned that you can get the data of whatever the person typed in the keyboard from the cache for up to 12 months.

(Read “iPhone too insecure for a life of crime“)

This is a serious issue and something that may prevent the adoption of the IPhone in a business setting.

The IPhone In The Business Arena

One of the reasons why people use Blackberries when it comes to business is because they are known for being very secure phones.

They were made with the business user in mind so security is a number one priority.

The IPhone was mainly created for the consumer market but people saw how extensible it was and they started to slowly creep into the business market as well.

With the new revelation of this cache features, that could slowly change.

While no-one cares about the text that you wrote your friend last week, plenty of people may be interested in the data from a top business executive’s IPhone’s keyboard cache.

Other Security Issues With The IPhone

While the keyboard cache is the most serious security offense displayed by the IPhone, it is not the only one.

There are other issues such as holes in the operating system that allow for jail breaking.

Also, the photos that the phone takes has meta data in it that when posted online, people can see where the photo was taken and by who.

If you have a need for privacy then you must think about that before you use your IPhone.

Even though you may think that you are doing something harmless your data can be easily displayed.

Before the IPhone becomes a serious phone to be used in business it must handle the security holes first.

The keyboard cache problem is a big one.

For it to leave the data that you typed in there for that long a period  is not only inexcusable but reckless in my opinion.

There is a lot of harm that could be done if the phone was to fall in the wrong hands.

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  1. Your point about photo metadata being posted online is easily avoided – change the Camera app’s GPS privileges and the geolocation data isn’t saved. An app that is accessing the GPS is indicated in the menu bar at the top of the phone by a direction arrow. Any app that wants to use your location asks for permission on first load and that can be changed by going to Settings > General > Location Services and setting the app in question to the Off position.

    • Thanks for the advice Charles, I agree it is quite easy to disable geolocation, at least for those of us who know a little about tech.

      You’d be surprised how many people can’t though, or aren’t aware of their options – I have friends who can do nothing more than switch their phone on and off, despite on-screen instructions or any other guides they may read!


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