Did You Know That Hackers Are Now Using Your Home Telephone As Part Of Their Attacks?

When you are dealing with online crime, creativity is the name of the game.

Whenever you think that people have thought of all of the ways that they can to take your money away from you, out comes another scheme that will have you scratching your head with disbelief.

This time, black hat hackers have found a way that they can use your telephone against you in an online crime.

Sure, this is not the first time that a telephone has been used to commit a crime against someone.

As a matter of fact, it happens all of the time, but some of the new ways that they have come up with to use the phone against you and your money is pretty amazing.


Brokerage Account Phone Calls

The latest way that they are using the telephone to attack people is part of a scam to block a confirming phone call in your brokerage account.

The hackers take advantage of the fact that the brokerage likes to call its customers whenever a large amount of money is transferred from their account.

The telephone call is usually a customary gesture so that they can be sure that the person actually wants to transfer that amount of money.

If they confirm the deal, then there is no problem and the money is transferred.

If the person denies that they have sent the money, the transfer is canceled and the money is placed back.

So what the hacker does is to try and block the phone call verifying the trade with a bunch of fake phone calls.

The calls either seem like they are from telemarketers or they are just blank noise over the phone.

The longer that you are on the phone dealing with the fake calls the less chance that your brokerage can give you a call and warn you – that allows a large amount of money to be transferred without your knowledge.

Once the money is transferred, then the phone calls will stop all of the sudden.

By the time you take a look at your brokerage account, it is far too late.

As we said, this is not the first time that a telephone has been used as part of an online scam.

This is just one of the more creative ways that it has been used.

The main way that we have seen phones used in online crimes is when people are fooled by the Nigerian scammers.

They will usually call your telephone after the initial email contact so that they can start to warm up to you.

People have a hard time believing that a crime is taking place when they are talking to the person right on the phone.

This is a new way that people are trying to take advantage of one another.

When you are dealing with people both online and offline, you must remember that you cannot begin to imagine how they will try to pull one over on you.

So you must always be on the lookout so you are not taken advantage of.

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