Did Rudolph Fentz Travel in Time 160 Years Before John Titor Did?

In October 2000 someone claiming to be John Titor alleged that they had travelled back in time from the year 2036. Whilst the truthfulness of their forum posts were debated at the time there were, and still are, plenty of people who believe his story. However, did someone precede his time-travelling antics some 160 years earlier?

In 1950, a man reportedly appeared out of nowhere in Times Square. He was dressed in extremely old-fashioned clothes and sported sideburns of a style that were not currently seen. Witnesses claimed that the man appeared surprised at first, and then horrified, as he was hit by a car. The man died immediately.


When the police arrived on the scene they discovered that the man possessed money from the nineteenth century money in addition to business cards that had his name on – Rudolph Fentz.

When background checks were run on the man they revealed that he didn’t seem to exist, as no records about him could be found anywhere. The closest match was a Mrs. Rudolph Fentz. When the police spoke to Mrs. Fentz they discovered that she was the widow of one Rudolph Fentz, Jr. Apparently, her dead husband’s father has mysteriously vanished in 1876, leaving behind no clues as to what may have happened to him, or where he had gone.

Could this Rudolph Fentz, who disappeared in 1876, be the same man who was killed by a car in 1950?

Did Rudolph Fentz Travel in Time 160 Years Before John Titor Did?


For many years people thought so, accepting the above account as fact. However, some years later a researcher eventually found out that the ‘facts’ of this case were hardly unique – in 1951 an author, Jack Finney, had written a piece of fiction for a sci-fi anthology. A couple of years later that same story had been reprinted without permission. The reprinted story also failed to disclose the fact that it was a piece of fiction.

Rumour has it that the story was reprinted by someone who believed in time travel and who wished to convince others of it’s validity. Ironically, the knowledge that it was derived from a work of fiction would probably have had quite the opposite effect.

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  1. Salv Turone says:

    Time travel is not possible, at least in the sense that you can never change anything that changes your own timeline.

    For example, if you go back in your own time line to change a past event, you would create a different future, one where the events of the past did not happen. Therefore the very reason why you went back in time in the first place would no longer exist. This means that you would never have gone back in time to change the past event. Your time line would either remain unchanged, or you would create such a paradox that time itself would collapse in on itself destroying the very fabric of this reality.

    The real question is does time even exist or is it just a concept of the mind?

    Perhaps what we are seeing is more dimensional related rather than time.

  2. Everydayman says:

    Here’s a thought, to be able to go back in time and change a future would suggest that from any point going forward in time, that events are pre-ordained and we are all governed by fate.

  3. I wish time travel were possible :o(
    I would travel back to June 8th, 2008 and save my son from drowning in my mother in laws backyard pool. If time travel ever proves to be real, I’ll be one of the first to jump for the chance to try it out….for something way more important than hitting the lottery. Maybe people who think that way are the “reasons” why time travelers, if any, have not walked forward and given us the layout for a time machine…how many people WOULD go back in time for the sake of captial gain?…then the world would be over-run with egotistical millionaires. Imagine for a moment if that were the case…that anyone could just go time travel and hit the lottery….win millions in a race…there is not enough room in our world for that many “rich and famous”…I cannot imagine a world where people are that materialistic….money does not solve all problems.

    • Sonicblade7 says:

      If it was posible it would be best to let your son die(off course you wouldn’t want to when u have the chance to save him right in your face)becasue you could be doing some fucking up with the Time Line. If you watch Back to the Future Part 2 you can see Marty tries to take the sports almanac from 2015 back to 1985 to become a millionary. instead Biff steals the time machine becomes a takes the almanac gives it to himselft in 1955 and becomes a millionare turning Hill Valley into an aternate reality. Another reason why a Time Machine should NEVER be made becasue there are alot of selfish,greedy people put there who would steal a time machine,alter historic events,and mabye… DISTROY THE UNIVERSE! witch could be limited to our own galaxy. meaning the paradox would only destroy our galaxy leaving everything else unefected.

      • Getting your head round the ‘what ifs’ and ‘laws’ of time travel is a great way to lose hours of your life!

        I remember the Van Damme film, TimeCop, which also showed the consequences of the wrong people playing with time travel.. great movie!

  4. I wish I could go back in time. If I could I would write down all the winning lottery numbers then go back and have some fun 🙂

  5. So this is definitely a hoax but what about Titor? Has that ever been proven one way or another?

    • I think most people have discounted John Titor as being a hoax but, equally, I’m sure there are a minority who would find ways of legitimising some of his predictions.

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