Did Elvis Presley Fake His Own Death?

Elvis Presley died, apparently, on the 16th of August 1977 whilst in the bathroom at Graceland. He was found on the floor and rushed to hospital where he was officially declared to be dead at 15:30 by his personal physician, Dr. George Nichopoulos. So ended the life of ‘the King’.

Or did it?

Did Elvis Presley Fake His Own Death?


Later that night there was a press conference in which medical examiner Dr. Jerry Francisco indicated that the cause of death was ‘cardiac arrhythmia,’ noting that, ‘There was severe cardiovascular disease present.’ Despite the finality of such a statement many Presley fans still refuse to this day to believe that Elvis really did die. Many believe that he lived on for many more years in hiding and that he may still be alive even now.

Of course those who believe Elvis is still alive have offered up reasons as to why they think he may have faked his own death. There were reportedly problems with both his health and his finances and, also, it has been claimed that Presley’s life was in danger because he was allegedly going to give testimony in a federal case that could have implicated a Mafia group. The latter has led to speculation that Elvis may have entered a witness protection programme, much like it has been claimed that Tupac Shakur may have done too.


No good conspiracy is worth it’s weight without a body of evidence to back it up and so it is with the Elvis crowd. Since his supposedly faked death in 1977 there have been thousands of alleged sightings of ‘the King’ all over the world. Unsurprisingly, none have ever been substantiated as being in any way genuine.

There is, however, the curiosity of Elvis’ grave – on it his his middle name Aron is spelt as Aaron which was his middle name. Apparently either Presley himself, or his parents, tried to change the name to’Aron’ in order to make it appear like Presley’s stillborn twin, Jesse Garon Presley.

In the 1990s two tabloid newspapers ran stories that examined the continuing life of Presley up until his supposed real death in the middle of that decade though I for one think that was merely sensationalistic journalism -

Elvis IS dead, and has been for over 35 years.

Some of his adoring fans cannot let go for whatever reason and have a need to believe that he lives on, hence their continued ‘sightings’ of the man.


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  1. I believe Elvis took his own life. Elvis was a vivacious reader and into numerology and the afterlife. For example, the numbers 8+16+1977=2001….this is just one exmple. Coincidence, perhaps, but it makes one think. Whatsmore, Elvis in his last years was bored to death…no fresh challenges to rise to; his last great accomplishment was the Aloha special in 1973. The last 4 years of his life was a slow march to the grave. Had Colonel (SCAM) Parker granted Elvis more serious film roles and a WORLDWIDE tour, This might have been the saving grace. But, the final nail in the coffin was the book released by his former bodyguards. When Elvis saw this, he knew it was time to check-out of this cruel world. You can say what you want, but it’s Elvis that once said..”Don’t criticize what you don’t understand son, you never walked in that man’s shoes.” Only Elvis knew what was going thru his head on 8/16/1977.

    • Hi i totally agree with what you say about his career and his whole lifestyle it couldve been turned around and been his saving grace but to take his own life with his daughter there no i cannot believe he would do that to her. If Elvis is still alive and i truly hope he is maybe he will let us know soon what really happened on August 16th 1977 and who his true friends were/are.

    • Absolutely Wrong!!! Elvis would Never Do That!!!

    • Elvis, would never risk losing his soul by committing suicide, absolutely incorrect and shame on you for implying such! Elvis is still alive , although living a very private life!

  2. look the only way is to prove the fact dig him up do a dna on him and then the world can live at rest and me myself he is dead and thats that but i still remember him the way he was the late great elvis

    • Maybe people who know he’s alive, don’t need the DNA Proof. Quite frankly the man owe’s no one anything! Besides you can’t get DNA from a wax dummy : ) Just saying….. In all fairness , I know you mean well with your comment, I just don’t think its that easy to pop back into a life your worked so hard to get away from.

      God Bless!

      ps, your might want to look into the Jon cotner mystery a little closer! Jon-cotner.com

    • ian harrison says:

      Vernon had the coffin encased in a ton of granite so no way will they unearth the wax dummy

      • I wouldn’t want to “Unearth the wax dummy”, but that is interesting and if thats true, that kinda says it all, wouldn’t you agree?

      • The gravesite was reinforced with rebar and concrete, not granite. This was observed by JD Sumner in a book, can’t remember which one. Of course to ensure that there wasn’t another body snatch attempt.

  3. Elvis Presley says:

    I am dead. I have left the building. Thank you, thank you very much.

    • Elvis, We know that you’ve left the building. Jesse does’nt sing on stage, but he did make a CD for us. Thank you, Melinda

      • Sorry, the so called LHS Jesse CD is a realky bad impersonater! Elvis is 78 years old & would not have the voice if a 30 year old fake! Secondly Elvis would not sing those trashy Low life songs of the 80′s & 90′s. He would be doing spirituals ballads & blues if he was recording today. Lasty he would not be disrespectful to his Living twin brother Jesse which was adopted at birth. Haha, they said he was buried in an unmarked grave, because they do not bury the living.

      • Douglas says:

        melinda,…How would someone obtain a copy of a cd?..I believe i have seen that website you were talking about also

      • Linda, your Jesse is not Elvis!

  4. Why is it so hard to believe that Elvis the entertainer did die,but the man did not. His health and different things in his life caused him to have to make this choice. If people would go to Linda Hood Sigmon’s site and read starting from the first page to the last then you would understand. I’ve known Linda since 1990,and I’ve never had her to lie to me about anything. She is telling the truth people, and if you don’t want to believe her then its your lost. I can’t believe people can’t tell that the voice on his cd is him. I know we think of Elvis as the man that we remember of the 70s. We kinda froze in time there, but we have to think what he would sound like today without the back-up singers and the big bands. But to me even without all of that its his voice.He sounds so good. Oh well I guess no matter what is said its up to the person if they want to believe its true, but I just hate to see fans missing his music of today. I’ve heard people sing like him, but could tell it wasn’t him, but listen how he talks and pronounces his words and the little laugh that only Elvis Presley can do. He is alive !!!

    • Melinda,

      You keep posting in regards to Linda Hood Sigmons
      Website? Your doing a grave injustice, the people will not
      Learn the truth there! For the very few who know and care
      To defend it, the truth will not be found there!
      I realize now you are linda, why not tell the truth, ask
      For forgivness and do something worth-while,help the poor
      Give to charity, but don’t continually lie and say you know Elvis cause you don’t!!!!!

      I have decided after much deliberation to tell what I know,
      As the truth, I will not offer any factual evidence, but I will
      Tell what I know as the truth! Here it is!!!!!!

      Elvis presley the man representing the image died Aug. 16th. 1977, but
      The man himself did not! I absolutely know, there will be
      People slamming me for this statement, I don’t care!

      I write this out of love and kindness to all the fans who loved
      Him and still do, just know he still cares for all of you,
      And perhaps one day sooner or later the world will here
      His story, the whole truth!

      Just know this Elvis Presley was and still is a good man, and a God
      Fearing man who very much loved our true savoir Jesus Christ!
      I cannot and will not blame him for his descions, money and fame
      Only seem like everything they are not! Fame and fortune isn’t
      Nearly as important or as beautiful as peace and serenity!

    • I think that it is possible for Elvis to have lived beyond 8/16/77. I also believe it would be much more complex than many of us assume. This would have been an irreversible undertaking with help from some significant people/authorities. None of the urban legends that we have read about actually apply, although they do raise some questions and generate interest. Elvis would not be hanging around LHS or singing under other names on youtube, paypal or any other internet sites.
      That doesn’t leave us much does it?

    • Elvis Aron Presley & Jesse Garon Presley are both alive! The truth is written for those who really want to know. It’s the same way many view the Bible. If one lives by the words of God they will have a wonderful life. It’s those that want to live there own way, that never get anywhere in life. The Real Truth About Elvis & Jesse can be found in the book “Through My Eyes” The story of my life-Faiytale. The book is written under the name Jon Cotner and can be ordered on Jon’s site at joncotner.com He has books 1 & 2. His picture does appear on the cover. There is 2 dvd’s. In the first the man we know as Jon appears on the video and talks clearly about his birth & who he is. The truth is revealed in the Books! Don’t ask why, Don’t ask how. But the truth would put to rest all the attacks on here & youtube. “Jon” & Elvis are both sincere in the walk with God & Both are Bible Scholars. Many have been saved through their bible studies and paltalk sessions. God Bless All Of You!

      • Welcome to the LHS Jon Cotner looney tunes forum where people who just can’t live within the confines of reality come to live out their fantasy. Like anything else I expect this to be deleted by the enemy as they can’t stand the truth and can’t play fair so they censor anything that contradicts their fantasy world. Idoloters! Your God is dead!

      • I think there is a chance, just a chance, that Jesse did not die at birth. I got this information from someone who would know, although he only said it was a possibility.. Is Cotner possibly Jesse? Is that where you are going?

        • According to Jon’s first book he is JGP & he was adopted at birth. So when Elvis went undercover in 77, then Jon basically had to get protection as well, because he is the identical twin of Elvis

          • That’s why he is known as the mystery man, because only a few know that he did not die at birth, because the records were fixed.

          • Hi my name is Debs and i am a huge Elvis fan from the UK. This is my first time on here and i am really interested in all the info given about Elvis still being alive especially what Jeff and William have to say. I have always believed there was every possibility he did not die in 1977. I hope to read more info on here. Love and light to Elvis and all Elvis fans

          • William says:

            Jeffrey, why would Cotner need protection? No one would have known that he was Elvis’ twin. Elvis didn’t even know. That’s a stretch.

        • Hi William,

          Well than what did you learn from researching Jon Cotner? And what is your main hope?

          • I know Jon isn’t Elvis. My main hope is to find out if Elvis hoaxed his death. I don’t care about the why, but would be interested in the how.

      • Jeffrey,
        I know you speak alot about Jon. I know I heard him discussing the possibility of doing a concert. He talks about timing, location, and most of all security having to be right. Can you elaborate on thiis and also tell me and everyone else where I heard it. I do believe there is more to Jon than meets the eye, in a good way. Elvis the name and personna died, not the voice or his spirit.

      • Jeffrey ,

        List the website, so people can find out more..



  5. I’m a detective, not into conspiricy theories or UFO’s taking Elvis away. However, I want to convey a short story of sightings of Elvis the day after his death in my next book. I wouldn’t even tell the story except that I knew all the witnesses.

  6. Fred garvin says:

    My good people, Elvis Presley is deceased. He died in 1977. Please move on.

  7. Brenda Crawford says:

    people, there is NOONE, ANYWHERE that does or could love Elvis anymore than i do, people say alot about him,some may be true and alot of it is crap that people have nothing better to do than sit around and make up lies, NONE of us is perfect, what does the BIBLE say? nones perfect but the father, when we make mistakes we all want people to forgive us, and dont you think he feels the same? he is human like the rest of us and he too will answer to the same God we do,Elvis wasnt stupid he knows this and that is why he loves the Lord as he does, he loves his familyalso and wants and needs to spend some private time with them, put your self and family in his place(REALLY, would you not want too? if ever i can do anything to help him, i am here, i love you Elvis and i want you to be happy!

    • Madam, Elvis Presley is deceased. I am sure his mother loved him more than you. Get a grip.

      • Iv’e herd that said many many times. and the people who believe he is alive get laughed at and mocked and told to move and get over it. well I for one did accept Elvis’s Death although I wasn’t born at the time. I did accept his death.

        How ever I herd about Elvis’s private involvement with the Dea, and him being a Narcotic Government agent at Large, and his Involvement Fighting against illegal Drugs.

        And well many people as your self claim Elvis is dead but offer no argument against any of the evidence that is presented in the case of Elvis being alive.
        The only Argument I’ve herd is, Elvis is dead he died 1977.
        Elvis is dead get over it.
        Elvis is dead let him rest in peace.
        Elvis will always be alive in our hearts but sadly he died in 1977.

        These are the only arguments I ever get. and well to be frank it’s Just not good enough and has no ground to stand on against the amount of evidence the proves you wrong. it’s that simple. Elvis did not die in 1977 if you think you can prove other wise your wrong.

  8. Why was he in a photo with Mohammed Ali when Ali was leaving the hospital in 1988? I know, an alleged man came forward and said it was he, not Elvis, in the photograph. BULLSH..! That young guy did NOT LOOK A THING LIKE ELVIS, THE MAN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH! Yes, Elvis was an 8th degree blackbelt and knew how to slow his heartbeat down as even to fool medical personnel. And his autopsy is in his own handwriting. Why did his casket weigh 900 lbs? Come on, people. There is so much more! Where is the last airplane he purchased & why won’t Lisa Marie give her DNA to prove that this woman is NOT a Presley? Why? Why? Why? Let’s exhume the body of the “supposed” Elvis Aron (named after his twin brother, Jesse Garon, and see just who is in that marble

    • Kolleen,

      You have some good questions, but what if perhaps Elvis’s twin brother really didn’t die? What if the presleys were just too poor to care for both children? What if Jesse garon was adopted and had his name changed at birth? Hmmmm…

      What if both Jesse and Elvis were actually portraying the image of Elvis Presley? What if the colonel ,RCA, and close family were in on it? What if half the Elvis sightings were really of Jesse Garon? What if there were and still are secret rooms and underground quaters at Graceland? Hmmmmm…. I dare you to look deeper!

      What if both Elvis and Jesse are still alive? Hmmmm…… I’m not saying what i wrote is the truth, but I’m also not saying what I wrote isn’t the truth!

      Just trying to say there might be much more to the TRUE STORY!

      • Hi Kolleen!

        Darling you are right on everything! I want you to know the truth! First he has 16 videos under the name joncotner1835 on youtube. Then you can send a friend request to jon cotner on myspace. He has released 2 books about the real truth which are available on his website joncotner.com He also has many cd’s of his singing & many Bible study CD’s & He does talk live on his DVD. He is a real, Loving & Compassionate man with feelings. Also once you hear him speak in his Paltalk room, there is no denying that Godly voice. You have to check on his youtube channel to see when his room will be open. Goto paltalk, click on music, then click on kareoke. From there if the room is open click on Elvis Presley Family & Friends! God Bless!

  9. William says:

    Man, the opinions are all over the place. When I started researching Elvis’ death in 1978, mostly due to a court reporter who lived next door to me, I thought that I would come to my own conclusion one way or another. I never dreamed that hundreds of thousands might agree with me. Even if not for the same reasons.

    Elvis’ “death” was decided by the Col, Priscilla and the mob who had interests in the Vegas shows. Basically Elvis had gotten ill and wasn’t going to be able to make the next few tours. Unfortunately, his enterprise was living paycheck to paycheck and if he were to go into rehab or have the intestinal bypass that he needed for his blocked intestine, he would be out of commission for a year. Not only would that have been terribly embarrassing for his image but would also have thrown Elvis, RCA and the promoters for the road shows and the Vegas hotels into huge losses that they might not recover from.

    The ongoing plot with the jet airplanes that involved Vernon, Elvis and the FBI was supposed to be introduced to a grand jury on Aug 17, 1977. This I know from the court reporter who lived next to me in Memphis. I have had information for all these years that Elvis and Vernon DID testify via videotape for that grand jury, but I don’t have the date of that tape.

    The authorities make the laws and when all of the authorities and news agencies reported that Elvis was dead, a death certificate was filed, there was an autopsy and a funeral and that was legit enough for most people for years. But no one could get over the death of Elvis. People began waking up from the slumber over the next several years and started doing research on things that didn’t add up to them and before long, let’s say the mid to late 80′s, there was a groundswell of push back from Elvis fans wanting to learn more about the possibility of a death hoax.

    No matter what any of us think, Elvis is officially dead. It’s documented, all the medical evidence is slanted in that decision, it’s over with. He isn’t coming back, the family will never acknowledge any such thing, the autopsy will remain sealed at Gracleand forever. There aren’t any of us who could ever overturn that. The two smoking guns that I keep me doubting that Elvis died are the DNA that Bill Beeny submitted for testing; the known sample of biopsy tissue from Elvis’ liver and a known sample of the “Elvis” cadaver. When tested for DNA these two samples did not match. You will hear experts crawl over that one with excuses of chain of custody and anything else, but if they don’t match we have a story here.

    The other hard to ignore discrepancy is that mortician Bob Kendall and Elvis’ hair dresser Larry Geller both observed that the Elvis/body that they carefully examined did not have a cranial autopsy. Kendall went out of his way to mention it in his book, which was published after Cole and Thompson’s book that went into to gruesome detail about the autopsy. Larry agrees 100% with Kendall, and since Larry did prepare Elvis’ hair for the funeral he would certainly have known if the scalp had been sutured back. Kendall would have known from all his years in the funeral industry. In fact, I think Kendall had a personal reason for looking for the CA scars.

    These two items on their own are just hanging out there with some who believe the doctors 100% and others of us who believe that the DNA and cranial autopsy are very important items that need to be explained.

    Oh, and we could talk about the pool photo, but the authorities and experts will try to explain that away as well. That is Elvis in that chair, I don’t care when the photo was taken.

    • Hi William,

      You have some very interesting insight, I think your on to something : )
      Perhaps, something will convince the Big Man To Say Hello one more time : ) Thats of course if he’s alive : )

      Thanks for sharing,



  11. I say 2 every body! DNA AND FINGER PRINTS does not lie..People lie.And people will say anything 2 sale u a story To try 2 convince people that ELVIS PRESLEY is still alive.U no ELVIS PRESLEY is . And for ever be the king of ROCK .And if he is alive. He need to take his ass to the F.B.I And Start livion.He does not have to meney years left if he is alive.. Because every body nose his music will Live FOR EVER… AMEN.

  12. why would Priscilla say that Elvis,s twin Jesse is actually live when he was suppose to of been still born is it because she is protecting Elvis so Elvis could say he is Elvis,s twin and nobody would be none than the wiser if he faked his own death its cos he had his reasons one is cos he was getting fat and he was getting sick and he didnt want his fans to see him like that he want people to remember him as he was and the second reason is cos himself and his family was threatened he was getting death threats by the mafia cos he was going to protest about there drugs and he lost lots of money to them they scamed him so he had no choice and i say good luck to him if he was still alive all i wants to do is lead a normal life like the rest of us and if he is dead then god rest his sole

    • Mary,

      I am sure there is many Mysteries surrounding the Elvis Saga, but one thing I can assure you is this ” Elvis is not living as his deceased twin brother ” ! That story is a lie! And there is nothing on the Internet, that says he is, unless your looking at Scam Artist Linda Hood Sigmonds website!

      As for Jon Cotner, he is a bit of a Mystery, but one thing is for sure he sings, talks and looks like a 77 yr. old Elvis, but truthfully who really knows. I will say one thing, my money is on Jon Cotner! As for Priscilla saying Elvis’s twin brother is alive “Please Provide Proof of That”

      • i will find the proof of that when i find it on my pc again

      • Hi Mary, Yes Elvis is still alive today. He will be watching the results of the election tomorrow as the same as we will. He is going by his brothers name Jesse. Mary you must not know Linda H. Sigmon personally, or you wouldn’t call her names. I’ve known her since 1992 and I can tell you she is va very nice and not crazy. I have three things that he has signed for me.Have you heard his new w cd cd ?Its great. If you go to Amazon you will see that the artist is listed as Elvis Presley, on the mp3
        You really need to get it or go to Linda’s site and listen free. You want regret it. Also she has t
        things you can read about the cd. Hope this helps. Thanks Melinda.

        • Lie, Lie, Lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps, you mean well, perhaps you have been fooled like so many, But Elvis Has Never And I Mean Never Gone By The Name of HIs Brother Jesse!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!

          Linda H. Sigmon, first of all is an alias, thats not her real name, second Linda knows absolutely NO ONE in the Elvis inner Circle!!!!!!
          That I can assure you, you see Linda is missing the Real Truth!!!!!!

          Perhaps in time the real truth will be revealed, and I can assure from what I know, that is far more mysterious, beautiful and revealing than you could ever imagine. I will tell you this, Elvis the image was retired Aug., 16, 1977, but the man himself and perhaps someone very close to him are alive and well!!!!!!!

          • Hi Jeff,Thanks for your comment to my reply to Mary. How come you think Linda is not who she says she is? I have been to her house back in 1992 when she had her news letter and then in Sept. of this year she and her husband Tom came to my house and had lunch with my family and friend. So yes she is LHS period. No I don’t believe Elvis’ twin is still alive. I believe that came about to cover up Elvis being seen somewhere. So with tales like that going around thats why no one believes that he really is alive, but of course thats what some people in the circle of EPE and others wanted. They all know the truth. Yes one day when Elvis the man really doesdie the truth will be made known to the public. I hope that want be for along time. I’m glad he got a chance to live alittle and do somethings he wanted to do. Now he will soon be 78 and just wants to rest and be left along.He does get lonley sometimes and I feel sorry that he has to even live this way. Man can you imagine being stuck in a world and have to pretend that you don”t exist. Well I wish it could be different for him. Thanks Melinda

          • Elvis would not go by his twin brother’s name, becuase Jesse is also alive!

      • Wow, Please send me a link of where Priscilla has said jesse garon presley is alive. She is right! I haven’t heard it from her. Jon Cotner has released 2 books, in which he tells us exactly who he is! He also speaks luve on DVD telling us who he is. Jon Cotner is a real Loving & compasionate man with feelings. You can order his 2 books on his website at joncotner.com. The truth will set these arguments free. Your answer is in your post, you are so close. God Bless!

        • Jeffrey,

          I have that link and more like it, but I think your a Scam!!!!! You keep sending people to the wrong address, why? You talk as if you know Jon and the Bible study material, yet you post the wrong address, your a scammer!!!!

          Prove us wrong start posting the correct web address!!!!



  13. bil.mousseau says:

    Oh my flipping. Goodness Jon cotner is Elvis I just. Played his music

  14. I dont have any “need” to think Elvis is alive, I just cannot get past the inconsistent death reports, the gravestone name error, Lisa Marie’s skirmishness of the issue and the absolutely uncanny looks and voice of one Jon Cotner.
    ‘Jon Cotner’ in ” Home Alone 2″ (his looks and nervousness to the camera (using Elvis’ trademark shake of the head too lol), like he is testing the public) are convincingly Elvis. I think he is alive and that within my lifetime it will be revealed. No I am not over 40 nor am I a fervent Elvis fan! Stop assuming we are all stupid to think he alive, its valid! Just google Jon Cotner and open your mind to not believe everything you are media fed – geez

    • i think h,es a live cos theres so many different stories about elvis most of it isnt true like elvis supose to of been constapated cos of his bad foofd intake yet another story says he kept going off stage to change his clothes cos he kept poo ing himself so which is it

  15. I saw elvis a lanikai beach in 2011 while on holiday. I approached him and had a chat with him he has aged gracfully and told me everything. Gave him a hug and walked away happy and crying at the same time. Long live the king of rock & roll.

  16. Yes e faked it. For the money. WOuldnt you. I would. I think somewhere in his bathroom is a hidden door or panel and there is where he left and his entourage members brought in the body double. Man i would too. he could not go on touring past that age. too old. and besides he was and still is the king he needed to go relax n bang babes n spend his loot ya kno. Peace e u deserved it man good luck ok!

    • no he didnt fake his own death for the money he would of faked it cos his life and families life was in danger the mafia threatened his family that they were going to kill them if elvis testified in court about there drugs thing and elvis lost a lot of money from the mafia

    • ian harrison says:

      To the person called me .i agree with you i have read there is a back door to the bathroom also a stairway from kitchen to bathroom.could have carried subs body up there from poolhouse ,i am totally understanding people saying cotner is the twin,would explain a lot.its just that i can’t get the skin indentation above Elvis’s left eyebrow and Cotners,it is in same place exactly!! I looked it up how Elvis got it one says he was beaten up really bad,which worried Gladys,another person says it is from measles or something,i looked at early Elvis pics and its not there

  17. Yes E faked it. he had too he could not go on touring as an aging man…

  18. I saw this ad on a Facebook swap page hosted by a radio station. This guy called in wanting to sell this Elvis item. Strange….


  19. I wanted to find out where one of the posters saw the interview where Priscilla says what she did about Jesse Garon Presley being alive. Somebody who would know told me that it is “possible” that the lady who assisted the doctor in the births of the twins kept Jesse, as the Presley’s could not afford both. It came up in an unrelated court case 20 plus years after Elvis “died”.

    Also, on a funny note, if you ever doubted if Elvis lived past 1977, explain why Michael Jackson’s face kept requiring plastic surgery, LOL.

    • Right on Girl! Was the nurses name robinson ir martin? Is she still living? How can I find info on the court case? You’ve got to read Jon’s 2 books! They are available at joncotner.com God Bless!

      • Jeffrey,

        There you go again, posting the wrong address!!!!

        The correct address is :


        But I guess you already knew that didn’t you linda? Scammer!!!!!!!


  20. Larry,

    You say you have 100′s of hours in research time spent on the Elvis mystery and its al dead ends? And, even Elvis’s step brothers couldn’t point you in the right direction?

    I’m willing to bet your research techniques aren’t very sound, but no worries you can buy the book and watch the movie in the years to come.

    Elvis Lives : )

  21. Ask

  22. Larry, excuse me but if knew anything about investigations last thing you are going to do is as ONES directly involved if they did it ? Da Larry, by the way did you sell the last drugs to Whitney Houston. Wait, don’t answer that because i may incriminate you.
    OH, but wait we don’t have rights anymore in America since the Army can arrest you
    and hold you indefinitely. Maybe, I just call Homeland Security and Report you for being STU——PAT.

  23. Jons not gone says:

    Yes, its true… I admit it.. I had no choice but to fake it but no worries.. it all turned out for the best! Anybody who wants to find me… I hide in plain sight…

    Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

    (by the way, I’m not saying I didn’t experiment in my younger days… who didn’t? although don’t believe everything u read about me… they try to tempt me to expose the truth.. and the truth will set us free..Amen)

    • Why are hiding elvis! there’s no sense of faking your death if you are super famous! we all miss you! show yourself on the news! I’ve been trying to prove your alive for 1 year! PS: email me your current location and age so I can prove to the world that you are alive!

    • you my friend are not elvis so why pretend you are and post a comment on here saying you are that is sick elvis doesnt want to be found if he is alive he just wants to be left alone so get real and get alife

  24. Darryl Scott says:

    I know what the truth is and I do not believe in “Space Aliens” I do know that you young Obama voters are help bringing a Socialist government to America. So I say in response to that, just like what Charleton Heston Said with a rifle in one hand and that was and is ‘Over my dead body’.

  25. I started researching Elvis’s death in 2007. I have gone to Graceland and even talked to his step brothers. After 3 years and following every lead to its dead end, I know Elvis Died in 77. Alot of his family sold everything the man gave them even stole things out of Graceland and sold it. One cousin even sold a picture of Elvis in his coffin. Now, ask your self this, if any of them knew Elvis faked his death don’t you think they would sale him out? Any questions feel free to ask me, I can tell you I have 100′s of hours on this. All of the stuff that you read is very old information. But there is good money keeping the story going! Lol I will leave you with this, the of Elvis in the coffin shows white carpet. The carpet was red at Graceland when he died. My guess the picture was black and white and someone colored it later. Another shame about visiting graceland is that Priscilla changed it back to the way it looked when she lived there..

    • Polly Katz says:

      Hmmmm…really? Even If I happen to know otherwise personally?

      The photo? … More doctoring.

      The image died, not the man.

      Skepticism is an unbelief in cause and effect.
      Everything is an anomaly.

  26. Kevin,

    Thank you so much for your insight and intellect, jeez it all makes sense
    now, why didn’t I think of it. Well at least we have you…….

    You might try doing some research before you write!

    And for the record he never had a problem with pills, what he had a problem with
    was fame! And he made the ultimate sacrifice and walked away from it! And yes
    he did fake his death and it was orchestrated at the highest level! That’s the truth!

    And yes he’s still alive and quite happy, but like most dullards you’ll have to read the
    book to believe it.

    Long live my friend, Elvis lives!


    • ian harrison says:

      jeff, totally agree with you but nobody on this forum has mentioned the real giveaway clue,which is elvis and jons skin indentation aboveleft eyebrow ,he has a pic on youtube 4get which song,he has a black beard and hair,gold glasses with TCB on side but under the name Luke Tieppo,take a few letters out and you have an anagram of TUPELO,

      • Ian,

        Luke is not Jon or Elvis! Luke is someone who has said some terrible things about Jon, luke is best left alone, there’s a lot of hate in that young man. I can tell you this cause I know! Luke is not a friend of Jon or Elvis!

      • That was a chicken pox scar over Elvis’ eyebrow and the chances that a twin would have the same “pock mark” are astronomical. Cotner is not Elvis or Jesse, although there is a chance that Jesse did live and Elvis was never aware of it prior to 77. The possibility of Jesse being alive came up in a court case totally unrelated to Elvis in the 90s. It came to the attention of Elvis Presley Enterprises legal team. That’s all I was entitled to know. Attorney client privilege and all that stuff.

        • Lol, Attorney client privilege? I don’t think you should say anything if thats the case!!!
          And thats me asking nicely!!!

          • Actually, I was told this out of the blue maybe 6 or 7 years ago, and it was only when I started asking questions the attorney indicated that he couldn’t tell me anything more specific than that. After all, what he said was “it was a possibility that Jesse lived, which came up in a legal case totally unrelated to Elvis”. So he really didn’t “tell” me anything.

            I understood, but it sure fired up my curiosity !!

  27. Jons not gone says:

    All this publicity after the death of my alter-ego… finally my fans know the truth about me, and I am glad that when I do finally pass away my fans will know that I reformed and lived a faithful life to the real King of Kings – God the Heavenly Father.

    I hope they have mini disc players in heaven.. so all my fans will not be disappointed Amen.

  28. I understand that people don’t like their hero’s to go away, and it means a small piece of themselves died as well but……..I think it’s safe to assume that the man passed away. Witness protection……really? Ever see Goodfella’s? Than man really is in the protectiin program…..and he has his own website, makes trip to the Howard Stern show to be interviewed, appears on TV.

    I understand that it is romantic for some to entertain the idea of a conspiracy theory, but really? He had a wee bit of a problem with a couple pills and was a smidge overweight and his weak heart gave out. He’s gone, just like JFK, Jesse James, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, etc. But his music will live on forever. Long may me reign!

  29. Yes he did. Why? Wouldn’t you…

  30. Dan,

    When Elvis’s grave stone is moved next to his beloved mother Gladys grave stone
    then he’s really gone! Until that time he’s alive and well, living a very private life PERIOD!

    • Have you ever considered that the bodies that are buried at Graceland might not be at the same location as the tombstones are? But somewhere else on that massive property?

  31. Dan,

    Elvis Aron Presley the image did die Aug. 16, 1977, but the man himself did not

  32. Elvis died in 77. Period. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY.
    All so called, EVIDENCE is hear say and or urban legend. The only REAL proof would be Elvis himself.
    On one hand you people say he is in witness protection, then you say you saw him at a concert walking around!!!! HUH? There is no valid proof he is still alive or was past
    Aug of 77. Those are the facts. Think about it. Would he VANISH on the story that he fell off the toilet face down? Surely Elvis would’ve come up with a more sensational way to disappear. Come on people!

  33. Faye Mounce says:

    Thank you Sir for saying the things you have said. Elvis is still alive. I know it in my heart.

    • God Bless You Faye!
      The truth is written in his 2 books st joncotner.com

      • I often wonder if you try to pretend being me, you write as if you know Jon and details about him, yet you screw up his proper website address, to an address thats a scam!

        His Proper website address is:


        Get it right!


  34. Darryl Scott says:

    Just call and Ask them why is Elvis Moving about in and out of Graceland looking like a and old geeser.
    They know he is coming and going. And his name is still on the title of the property deed. Dead men
    do not own property. It is transferred to the next of in line to inherit the estate.
    Even the Post office knows he is alive, when I spoke to the head of the legal Department at the Post Office back in 2001. The woman incharge of the Legal Department was Linda Payne Powell. I asked her why they are commemorating Elvis even when he is still alive. She said how you know and I said I had pictures and I worked with The Los Angeles Herald Examiner, which did not exist at that time because it had closed some years earlier. She said wait a minute. She went off the phone, just like Michelle Bega did
    when I had called her. Then when she finally got back on the phone she said she had someone to talk to me. It was a man who asked only questions and said to me “who are you and why did you need to know.”
    At this point he said he was trying to tract my landline telephone number. Then Asked me if I was in Los Angeles but I was calling from the Wine Country in Sonoma California which was Santa Rosa. They did eventually tract me because I was sending The Book Gail Brewer Giorgio wrote all over the country to News outlets and publishers. The ” Elvis Files”
    They even sent a black Ops drone plane over my house in the middle neighborhood which is close by the
    old Oakland Raiders work-out place they used to stay at here in Santa Rosa, California. The Headhlight
    simulated Venus in the night Sky and even ovulated like as if you were watching the planet through a telescope. All in all best thing to do is keep asking questions because the big-guy’s get nervous.

    • elvis.s name will allways be on the front gates at grace land wether hes dead or a live he was famous

      now if the queen died you wouldnt take her name off from the palace would you no her family will carry on with the palace withe her name on it

      just the same as elvis,s family will and they use it as a tour guide for people

    • What are you smoking? Drones? Come on man. The KING is dead.
      Show me Elvis in person and I ll say I m wrong. If not, move on with your life.

  35. Jeff are you the Guy from Virginia — You know the Elvis Nut — Phil Achetson ? Phil is not really a nut that just a term coined for someone like Phil who is really knowledgable about Elvis.

    And the lady who is Maria on here are you the Maria Columbus who used to live in Daly City California
    by the Ocean. She knew Elvis very well and she disappeared. You can’t even find her anywhere ?

    • Darryl, I am not Phil Achetson, or any other person, just a curious soul like everyone else.
      Just to clear the air I don’t have any definitive information just my own researched assumptions.

      I have said in the past that I think if Elvis is alive than my bet is “Jon cotner”, but with that being said if I’m wrong which I could be, I am also fine with that as well. Listen in my house we love the King of Rock n Roll, but we have also really come to enjoy Mr. Cotner. Listen I have never known Elvis or Jon other than listening to his bible studies or his Renditions of Elvis Songs, really that is the truth!

      I guess I did give you some heck, cause you listed a address on this board, I apologize.

      In my heart I really hope Elvis is alive, I really do, but truthfully I don’t really know anything.

      Good Luck! ; )

      • j0hn contor is not elvis but i believe johnny harra could be if you look at elvis at 42 then watch an live interview with johnny harra he says with his doctor when was supose to of said elvis,s doctor and hes the same guy in a you tube video i saw of a guy stoking horses wondering about in the middle of no were and johnny harra said it wasnt him which it looks exsactly like him if it isnt which he claims its not then either it was elvis or johnny harra is elvis but its funny how they said that johnny harra died at 68 which i do not believe so is elvis using johnny harra,s name cos he looks like elvis who knows theres so many people who looks like elvis elvis himself could come out of hidding and pretend hes an elvis impersonator cos no one knows what he would look like today he could easily get away with it and you never know he could of done this all ready if he has then dont you get the feeling elvis is laughing at us

        • You dont know how close to the truth you really are. Elvis is now gone passed March 30,2011 http://www.johnnyharrathelegend.net/

          • if johnny harra died at the age of 93 in 2011 then whos nameb is elvis gonna take now if you see a guy who looks like elvis and exsactly like how johnny harra is then u,l know its elvis cos theres so many elvis look alikes he could take any of there names and he could pay them for doing it as elvis,s home is making more money now

          • Wrong!!!!!!!!!! But, God rest Johnny’s Soul, he was a friend of Elvis’s……

          • ian harrison says:

            To Jack,you said to another post’you don’t know how close you are’ i have seen on web somewhere a secret letter from elvis stating Jonnie o harra was actually his real secret brother,born 11th july 1946,and even had this date on a car in background of one of his films,am i close!! I also only just noticed on youtube on the Jesse dna thing they produce a scarf that says on it Elvis wore this and in the foreground is the name Jonnie o harra,have i looked uncovered something ?

        • Dr Ted Leon says:

          I was (one of ?) Johnny Harra’s doctors in Las Vegas. He was performing at the Golden Nugget (as I remember) when Elvis died. Major Riddle, owner the Silverbird Hotel offerred him alot of money to be “Elvis”. He was managed by Glen Pace at the time. HIs show moved over to the Silverbird, with the famous drummer, Bobby Morris as the very capable band leader. NOBODY at the time, of which I was aware, looked or souded more like Elivis than Johny Harra. Johnny WAS/IS NOT Elvis. Let Johnny Rest In Peace. He never claimed to be Elvis, or ever lied, to my knowledge about being Elvis.

        • ian harrison says:

          Hi Maria ,i have seen a secret letter somewhere on net by elvis saying Jonnie was his REAL secret brother born 7,11,46 i think,it is on a car in background in one of his films

    • maria Columbus proberly dissapeared cos so she wouldnt spill the beans about elvis being alive or she could be dead her self we just dont know
      but what you can do is go on an elvis tour at graceland next time they have one and if you see elvis,s bed room slip a letter between the covers they are bound to read it its just a thought
      i do believe hes still live , they reason why he carnt be found is cos his life and his families was threatened, if it wasnt for that dont you think how its hurting him not been able to tell his fans hes ok cos of the mafia he may want to come back but he carnt there could be more to his sory than people know i just hope that if he is still alive and i hope he,s ok and happy and well ,also elvis gave about 25 years of his life to people and now he whats to live his life in a normal way just like us and good luck to him ,

  36. I believe Jeff knows more than he is telling since he knows that the address in Beverly Hills is associated with Priscilla Presley.

    He did you see the incredulous interview with Prsicilla Presley 2 years ago at the August 16th celebration of Elvis 33 years gone, right before intermission Priscilla Presley tried to say that all the sightings were of Jesse Garon Presley who really did not die at birth, Yeah right she believes in L. Ron Hubbard as Christ God.

  37. Call Michelle Bega Priscilla Presley attorney in Los Angeles, tell her you have taken pictures of Elvis
    at one of the ” Elvis the Concert’s.” Then tell her you will publish them saying these are Elvis Presley.
    First, she will tell you, ‘don’t you know Elvis Presley is dead?’ Then she will go off the telephone for several minutes and comeback and say you can’t publish these photos. Because its illegal to do so since
    Elvis is protected by the Federal Government.But she will not say protected by the Federal Government.
    And that is precisely why Elvis can not comeback. He has signed a contract with the Devil.

  38. Yes Just ask Jon Cotner

  39. Elvis Grave Marker is AARON sound familiar.

    • Darryl,

      Thanks for the info, but for goddness sakes man don’t post an address. Its one thing
      to share the happiness of letting the world know the king faked his death, but its a whole other thing giving address. I wouldn’t do that, cause neither the king or priscilla would do that to you.

      • work this out why is elvis,s real death information only to be read after 50 years after hes dead is that because he will really be dead then 50 yrs after hes dead means he would be 92 then and at that age most people are dead any way so why 50 yrs after hes dead the real cause of death can be announce is that because hes still alive very much so , elvis cannot come back to us cos of his and his famillies safety he has to put his life and theres first before his fans

        • Maria, that is an urban legend. Elvis’ autopsy will never be released. It was a private autopsy and belongs to the family. However there are some copies but they are in secure hands (or safes).

    • there are two a.s in aaron cos it said that elvis changed it to AARON instead of ARON cos some thing to do with his dead twin it was in memory of him but that didnt make sense cos his dead twin was called
      jesse garon presley so i believe that elvis is a live and hes letting some one know hes still alive

  40. Elvis is never going to come out now that he is grossing $ 50,000,000,00. per year.
    His daughter does not have her name on the Graceland Mansion and she only recieved $150,000,000.00 dollars in the year 2000. And his Estate has grossed well
    over 750,000,000.00 million dollars since his aledged death. There is a 2,000,000.00
    million dollar Insurance policy still awaiting to be cashed.
    One other fact is during the civil war High ranking southern soliders faked there death and avoided war crimes by doing just that by faking their death. But if they wanted to let their families know they were alive by mis spelling their Grave Marker.

    • Good than I’m so Happy & Very Glad that Elvis Aron Presley is still alive and doing very well he earned it. I also hope he is still fighting against drugs. I never felt in my heart that he died when they said he did and still fell in my heart that is is still alive. Long Live Not Just The King Of Rock & Roll but I also loved his Gossiple Music and All Of His Movies. Elvis you have and always will be with us no matter where you are or where you may go. I read a few lines up about you still being at Graceland and sneaking in and out well you also earned that, you gave the world so much with just being you! You earned everything you have been doing since your fake death. I don’t blame you at all no one should, they need to walk a mile in your shoes. I will always Love You and I mean the person you are too not jut the singer or actor. Hugs xoxo Laura Lee Easton

  41. Yes Elvis is still Alive sorry for you non believers but he did fake his death and he lives part time in the Graceland Mansion and at 1167 Summit Drive in Beverly Hills
    California. I saw him in the year 2000 at Davie Symphony Hall at one of his “Elvis in Concert” this is the virtual Concert that has been traveling around the country and the
    world for the last 15 or so years. Witness Protection Program motto is hide them in plain sight.

    • yes i believe that elvis faked his death and he is alive and so is micheal jackson there is solid proof that elvis is a live

  42. Hello,I am grateful that so many around the world continue to keep keep elvis alive. I am sure that he had many reasons to consider that ultimately forced him to fake his own death. His family would be #1 then him self of course,due to the many death threats he had received but i think his drug use was a major factor in getting out and that his body just couldn’t do it anymore and i am sure there are reasons the public will never know of. and where ever he is now at the age of 72, I wish him luck and may god bless him for all the memories he gave us,and i support him,why: because he earned it.

    • Yes I agree, he has earned his privacy and his new found anonymity, he will be 77yrs young: ) this Jan 8. I hear his health is still good and he’s been busy doing projects.

      God Bless you Mr. Presley, Jesus loves You, and so do Millions od others!


      • Yes I agree, he has earned his privacy and his new found anonymity, he will be 77yrs young: ) this Jan 8. I hear his health is still good and he’s been busy doing projects.

        God Bless you Mr. Presley, Jesus loves You, and so do Millions of others!


  43. Hi Jeff

    Wow, thank you!

    I’ve spent a considerable amount of time mulling over your last post. I’ve done what you suggested and viewed the interview and looked at Jon’s website. I understand the points that you’re making.

    I have faith in you and the information you’ve provided but why are you posting on here? Just curious and you don’t have to answer.

    Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me so far.

    Kind regards

    • Hi victoria,

      That’s a fair question, I guess I’m hopeful that other people will get to know the truth.
      I was a little boy when Elvis died/retired, we all thought he had really passed away, I remember my mom crying in the driveway cause she didn’t want me to see her, we played elvis music every weekend, the news was devastating to us all. And well you know life goes on I grew up, mom and dad retired, I’m married with children of my own, but as luck would have it I’m a very curious person by nature and have been a researcher on many subjects. Back in late january of this year I was sent a link by a fellow researcher/ colleague of mine in regards to this jon cotner / mystery man/ elvis. I ignorantly brushed it off, he sent again I ignored again finally he called me and I took the time to listen to a couple of voice samples. Immediately I was shocked, it just sounded to good to be TRUE, but my back ground is engineering. So we grabbed voice samples from the sixties and the seventies and did some analysis. It was a perfect match voice inflections, dipthongs everything! I was shocked, I called my mom at thee o’clock in the morning made her open her email and listen, she knew the moment she heard jon talk and sing that Mr. Jon was indeed the king.

      Now since that time I have strung together all the pieces, but if I could give you the simple answer to why I believe he did its this. Elvis Presley the image was too much to bare, I believe if he didn’t do this perhaps he would of never gotten to live the life he truly desired. I don’t blame him, and of course selfishly I want him to comeback and tell his story now, and not after he’s really gone. But if this is all me and my family ever get than I am forever grateful, he’s been wonderful to us, plus the bible studies are just amazing! I know he’s helped me and my family.

      So to answer your question again, I did this out of love and kindness, so in closing I hope you have seen a glimpse, but its up to you now.

      May God Bless,

      ps, I will not be posting here anymore, I have given the truth its up to good people to do the rest.

      • Hi Jeff

        I love your story on why you’ve been on here, great answer !
        I always believed Elvis had passed away, I still continued to watch his films and listen to his music but when I reached my teens my interest fizzled out. It was only while I was viewing something else on YouTube that I stumbled upon ‘the hoax’ theory. This was on the 15th August and i’ve spent a great deal of time investigating since. How can you not become drawn in by the spirit of such a fantastic guy ?

        I’ve already watched the clip you’re referring to and I did wander why this wonderful film had ‘disappeared’ somewhere, never to be released !

        Thank you so much for taking the time to help me answer my questions. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking at your suggestions.
        I agree wholeheartedly with what you say, I too would like to know what happened before it’s too late. I guess as long as Mr Cotner is happy with his life, that’s all
        anyone can ask for !

        In the meantime I will keep watching and hoping!

        God Bless

    • Hi victoria,

      I will give you one more quick clip to mull over than I am really retiring from this blog spot.
      Go to google and type in: the truth about elvis movie trailer

      This was a major motion picture backed by hollywood, set to be released in 2007.
      watch this and tell me what you think? Wanna bet who put the “Kisbosh” on that?? :)

  44. I would write to you Jeff but here is the only place I can. I am definitely curious and most around me consider me to be honest, able to keep secrets and intelligent but I first have to know if it’s Jon you are talking about.

    • Yes, the man I believe to be the King is Jon. I want nothing but the best for him, you have to understand this is my opinion. Mr. Jon, has never and I repeat never claimed to be Elvis Presley,
      Ever! But if you have been a researcher as long as I have you will only come to one conclusion after about 2 to 3 weeks of research, he’s Elvis Presley. Now with that being said, I want you to know in my house we love the King of Rock N Roll, but we have also become very aware of the viscous hatred that swarms the internet when someone goes against the popular belief that Elvis
      Is dead. Remember this is about research, combined with our love of the man himself.

      Now, I can provide you with the many links to help you come to your own conclusion.
      One more thing, if Jon Cotner turns out not to be Elvis Presley I am ok with that also, we love him just the same.

      Kindest Regards,


    • Hi Curious,

      I never heard back from you but I have posted my response to you in regards to Jon.
      I’m hopeful we can explore some of the info I have compiled, I thought if your still interested, you
      can go to google and type in as follows:

      Mystery Man Sings Separate Ways 2007

      This is Jon singing acapella, you tell me what you think.

      kindest Regards,


  45. Hey Jeff you talking about Jon Cotner friend????

  46. I post on forums like this from time to time, for the most part people don’t really look
    into the recommendations I give. For anyone who is really, really serious I can give some clues, but understand one thing Elvis Presley the man representing the image isn’t returning! But, if your looking for a man who has intimate knowledge of Mr.Presley, and for reason unknown(wink) sings, talks, laughs and resembles a 76 year old version of him, I may be able to help. :)

    Now of course I cannot tell you this gentleman is anyone other than who he claims to be now (wink), so you’ll have too decide for yourself…..

    If your interested post or write to me, kind, genuine, loving, intelligent people will only be helped!


    • I’ve been researching the ‘Death’ of Elvis since 15th August 2011. I happened upon a website by pure chance. I knew nothing about any of this until then and am now totally intrigued and hooked! I would love to know the truth but if not, what a truly amazing man!

      • Hi victoria,

        Yes what an amazing man indeed. Victoria I can help you to the best of my ability,
        but I have to warn you, there are some very disturbed people in this area, you have to remain resilent and stick to the research. And at the end of the day always go with your heart, elvis presley was / is an amazing man.

        Start with something simple like this: go to google and type in this exactly as I say
        “For fans of jon cotner” watch this, pay special attention to lisa marie presleys response to a poignant question larry king asks. Replay it several times……

        After that write me back….. this is just the tip of the iceberg. ….

        Kindest regards,


        • Hi Jeff

          I’ve just viewed what you suggested and it’s something I’ve seen before. It’s certainly a very strange reaction from Lisa Marie. She looks like she is about to get up and leave. Fascinating! There are just so many things to look at, there are not enough hours in the day!

          Why are there disturbed people in this area? It’s certainly perplexing.
          Keeping an open mind!

          Best wishes

          • Hi victoria,

            Now go to google again and type in:

            Jon cotner – I’m so lonely I could cry aug. 2010. Mov

            I am not sure why so many folks post negative hurtful things, but they do, its a shame cause a lot of really good people get turned off immediately once they read all the lies. Also, steer clear of linda hood sigmon and her elvis is jesse junk, elvis has never and I mean never been living life as his deceased twin brother! You will have to trust me on this one!


      • Hi victoria,

        Now go to google again and type in the following:

        “Jon cotner singing several powerful songs”

        Remember this is all being done acapella by a man in his early seventies at the time.
        after you listen to that, type in:

        “Jon cotner singing he’ll have to go aug.2010.mov”

        Now type in to google:

        “Mystery man sings unchained melody”

        Please understand there are a lot of people saying horrible things, just be patie
        nt, I have volumes to share, just trying to pique your interest for now…

        Let me know what you think…….

        • Hi Jeff

          I’ve viewed all the things you’ve suggested and I can see why people would think that Jon Cotner is Elvis. Even if that isn’t the case, he still has a fantastic voice, even without taking his age into consideration.

          I did think for a while that they were one and the same person (especially when I viewed the voice comparison on YouTube) but then I came across some
          information saying that Jon Cotner was formerly known as Dale Eli Culbertson and Larry Blong. It said he was an impersonator when Elvis was ‘alive’ and was jealous of Elvis success. This left me really confused. I feel like I’m going round in circles!

          There certainly seems to be a lot of animosity around. Do you have any more information Jeff?

          What an interesting subject :0)

          Best Wishes

          • Hi Victoria,

            Yes, I understand the excitement and the confusion / frustration. In regards to Dale and Larry, neither, I repeat neither are Jon Cotner, you will have to trust me on that. Victoria, there is so much to go through, it would be hard to do it via this blog but we can look at some pertinent things.

            1. Elvis loved gospel music, and was very much a Christian.
            2. Elvis was known to have small gatherings where he went over bible scriptures, and
            his beliefs and interpretation of the passages.
            I would like to have you view a MSNBC clip with Matt Lauer and Priscilla Presley, in the clip priscilla is asked if Elvis were alive today what do you think he would be doing.
            Watch Carefully! Priscilla responds, well he might be doing some gospel music, and the bible was always very important to him so he may be involved with something along that line. Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink.

            Watch for yourself:


            cut and paste into the browser tool bar at the top, now scroll down to the very bottom of the page to watch the video clip. Do This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Now you need to be very aware of the fact Jon Cotner has a Bible study series volumes 1 through 10 and they are amazing! I have them only a real christian and someone with real intellect and passion for the subject could be doing this.
            Jon, also has a Gospel album, a Honky Tonk album and a vintage Elvis album released on the 25th of this month. Now before you hit me with too many questions for this blog go to Jon-cotner.com and look for yourself. You also need to know that Jon does charge for the bible studies and the recorded albums. Listen to me carefully take a real look, if your a real Elvis fan and you ever wanted a chance to correspond with the King, this is your chance! None of us know how much longer he will be doing this, there will be a lot of very surprised people when the truth finally is revealed, and trust me it will be.

            Victoria , there is so much more to share with you, but you need to satisfy your own desires first, look into what I provided. Also, our family is friends with Mr. Jon, we have interacted and been involved with the Paltalk sessions, all I can say is AMAZING.

            Kindest Regards,


    • ian harrison says:

      To Jeff,hi just love your posts you have a lot of knowledge on the cotner scenario,i am captivated by it since i stumbled upon it after hearing the jon burrows/jesse tracks,the real giveaway to jon being Elvis is the skin indtation above Elvis left eyebrow ,jon has same mark in exactly the same place,

  47. Elvis presley the image died august 16, 1977, but the man himself is very much alive and well! There is much to be told about this wonderful man, just about everything on the net is very sensational and very hurtful halftruths and outright lies!

    I am 100% positive elvis would love to embrace his real fans, and share his love and laughter with all, it is just not happening yet!


  48. it would be great that the king were alive still…but the true is that good ol elvis died because he poped one too much pills…..but that is the way of the stars…short intense lives…the only thing that is good bout his decent is that he will always be young, strong and succesfull on our memories…..


  49. kaitlyn says:

    I really don’t know what to believe there are so many different stories, but I’m a huge fan so if he really did die in 1977 I say just let the man rest in peace. <3


  50. Elizabeth Espenlaub says:

    One more thing check out home alone movie and watch when the family go to the airport to try to get home and watch the gentlemen in the line behind the tell me that isn’t Elvis. He has all the likings of Elvis and the way he shakes his head he would do that at all his concerts. Can anybody prove that it wasn’t Elvis in that movie? I don’t think anyone could.

  51. Elizabeth Espenlaub says:

    Yes I think Elvis is still alive till this day. Never collected on insurance and his father never excepted the America flag for his death. And I bet if a family member were to ask to dig up the grave they would be surprised. Waxed figure would be there. But no family member really wants to know the truth because they already know it.

  52. greg funyak says:

    elvis did faked is death

  53. greg funyak says:

    elvis aron presley is still alive he lives in kalamazoo michigan

  54. PAUL ONEAL says:

    There are plenty of people that look like Elvis. I have a book with a German soldier from ww2 that looks exactly like Elvis. All these sightings around the world could just be his doppelgangers. I am not saying that he couldn’t fake his death. Tom Parker created a new identity for himself, so i am sure he could have done the same for Elvis. I believe in the multiple earth theory, so on another earth Elvis Presley is still alive. If you have seen the show “Sliders” you know what i am talking about.

  55. Jon Smith says:


    2010 minus 1977 = 33.

    You said Presley has been dead for “over 35 years”. Just telling you, before an insulting message comes your way from a fanatic.

    God bless you,


  56. proof of says:

    theres really no proof either way dead or alive i would like to see for myself some real evidence either way ,because the stories told by the people who knew him really arent backed up with proof,,and they all tell a different story

  57. Brittney says:

    I don’t beleive he is still alive no, but if you want anything your saying to be creditable, you might want to proof read..

  58. i think elvis is stuped and he is in hell

  59. on the plus side of him faking his death people cant say he died on the potty…. Cause he really didnt he died on stage from a heart attack caused by the drugs. people are stupid for making stuff up

  60. He is alive I saw him in Brazil 1980

  61. NO I don’t believe he is still alive.

  62. Elvis died in 1977, end of.

    • I must say that I believe that Elvis really did die in 1977 too but why did you say it in such an adamant manner?

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