Did Andy Kaufman Really Die In 1984?

Andy Kaufman, born in 1949, was an offbeat comedian who was probably most well known for playing the part of Latka in the hit TV series ‘Taxi’.


In 1984 he died at the very young age of just 35 from lung cancer.

Since that time, however, there has been speculation as to whether he really did die or not.

A large number of fans believe(d) that Kaufman must have faked his death because he kept his cancer secret until just a very short time before his death.

Therefore, many assumed that his death had been staged and was part of some large prank.

Bob Zmuda, a comedian himself and someone who often worked with Kaufman, stated that he and Kaufman had discussed faking the latter’s death and that he had seemed to be ‘obsessed with the idea.’

Later, in a 1999 interview, Zmuda declared,

‘Andy Kaufman is dead.

He’s not in some truck stop with Elvis’

Friends of Kaufman were not put off, however, and held a ‘Welcome Home Andy’ party in 2004 to mark the 20th anniversary of his death.

Unsurprisingly, however, Kaufman failed to attend in either a taxi or any other mode of transport.

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  1. Bullcrap! I would like to settle this once and for all. YES I feel he faked his death. Why? Why not. He would be famous forever just like Elvis AND would make money off of the selling of it. Come on people, you dont go on taxi then be known everywhere then say you have cancer and disappear. HE IS ALIVE!!! THE JOKES ON YOU ANDY!

  2. I am not too sure of this…has anyone seen the pics of steve rocco??? Looks an awful lot like andy to me!!!

  3. Yes, Andy Kaufman is really dead.

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